The existence of a market for waste management services requires a minimum level of economic development, the definition and application of environmental regulations; the guarantee of a certain degree of contractual stability; public awareness of environmental issues. Like in the water sector, SUEZ is increasingly making use of new technologies to meet the needs of its customers in the waste recycling and recovery sector.

Supporting you throughout the waste cycle

From environmental engineering to facility management, we bring you our expertise to carry out your projects:
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Studies and engineering

At SUEZ Consulting, our missions to support the environmental transition every day and significantly reduce regional inequalities are in our DNA. These missions are fully in line with our efforts to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Collection and logistic

Collection, which is key to increasing the recycling and recovery of household and other waste, is becoming a logistical service that is entering a new era. SUEZ develops innovative solutions to collect more and more recoverable waste, to continuously improve the performance of collection and to reduce its environmental impact.
Recycling and waste recovery

Sorting and processing

Sorting is a key step in the recycling and recovery of waste. The more effectively waste is sorted, the more efficient the recycling process, enabling the production of secondary raw materials of an equivalent or higher quality than virgin material. SUEZ develops leading-edge technology solutions to improve the identification, separation and preparation of materials in order to optimise their reuse.

Real estate and urban cleansing

Clean roadways and public buildings make a town more attractive to visitors and contribute to its image in the wider world. Real estate and urban cleansing is also essential for a pleasant, healthy living environment that is appreciated by residents and that can attract new inhabitants. SUEZ supplies local authorities with bespoke hygiene and servicing appliances to keep roads and public buildings clean and to improve sewerage systems.

Recycle, recover and sell your new resources

As a key player in the circular economy and expert in the recovery of all forms of waste, SUEZ assists local authorities across the whole value chain through the phases of collection, sorting and recovery, through to resale. Ever-increasingly innovative solutions are implemented to transform waste into secondary raw materials or renewable energy, enabling local authorities to lead efforts to secure sustainable development and benefit from new revenue sources in their region.
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Types of partnerships

The treatment and distribution of water, the collection, treatment and recycling of wastewater, and the collection and recycling of waste are essential factors in making towns and cities attractive. SUEZ offers its high level of expertise and innovative technologies to local authorities, proposing a wide range of customizable partnerships to match their requirements and local regulations.