Smart leak detection services

SUEZ offers solutions and services focusing on strategic asset planning, network optimisation, and decision support for addressing non-revenue water (NRW) objectives. NRW is water that is lost or unaccounted for before it reaches the customers, including losses from leaks. 

Using advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence, and hydraulic modelling to analyse data, assess system performance, and generate optimal solutions, we help utilities look at historical data and network insights to determine, for example, the best location for new pipes or how best to tap into existing ones while preventing  and reducing leakages, among other optimal solutions.

Optimizer™: Specialist leak detection and reduction planner

Developed by SUEZ subsidiary Optimatics, OptimizerTM is a highly advanced software that evaluates different scenarios, identify cost-effective strategies, and optimise various aspects such as identifying potential areas of leakage, leakage reduction, pipe placement, and pressure management. It harnesses the power of cloud computing to analyse large amounts of data and generate plans for a variety of water-related objectives, including leak detection and reduction. It uses intelligent algorithms to balance multiple factors, such as cost, hydraulic performance, and risk to find the most efficient and effective solutions.

Targeted water supply optimisation & leakage management

One of the key features of OptimizerTM is its ability to fine-tune leak reduction projects. By considering factors like cost, quality, performance, and environmental impact, the software helps utilities develop leakage reduction plans that are optimised for their specific needs. It can analyse existing hydraulic models and evaluate hundreds of thousands of possible solutions in a short span of time.


For example, by utilising computational cloud analytics and hydraulic modelling, the tool can identify specific locations within a water system where adjustments can be made to effectively manage and control water pressure, thus addressing leakage concerns. These areas not only offer opportunities for implementing pressure management strategies, but also for minimising water loss and improving overall system efficiency.

Optimised water pressure network management

Optimised water pressure network management

OptimizerTM can optimise the following:

  • Existing infrastructure via additional reduction or adjusting daily valve operational profiles
  • System reconfiguration to improve pressure management
  • Pressure calming
  • New infrastructure
  • System pressure control at source
  • District metered area (DMA) operation
The main goal is to utilise OptimizerTM to develop a network-wide strategy for operational and capital improvements. This strategy aims to reduce water leakage at minimal cost while achieving the required hydraulic performance. Additionally, it focuses on delivering holistic solutions for issues like burst reduction, discolouration and interruptions, alongside addressing leakage.

Effective leakage detection & reduction: Success stories

Project Objective


Optimise pressure reducing valve (PRV) settings in order to minimise leakage for minimal investment.

8% (>700kL/day) reduction in leakage for £0 CAPEX investment

Reduce leakage by optimising settings of up to 50 PRVs.

6% reduction (>400kL/day) reduction in leakage for £0 CAPEX investment

Optimise dynamic control settings for valves and pumps controlling the pressure managed areas (PMAs) in order to reduce leakage cost and minimize CAPEX for booster pump stations.

> £1.5 million in avoided booster pump station costs and >5% reduction in leakage (>2ML/d)

Improve the entire network operation by smoothing the flow and calming the pressure.
Establish the zonal structure and optimal downstream pump pressure control points. 
Increase transfer capacity where required, reducing pressure, establishing defined pressure zones and developing a dynamic operational strategy.

4% leakage and up to 24% calm networks properties

Minimise leakage across four DMAs by optimising existing PRVs and identifying location for new PRVs.

 16% reduction in leakage across four DMAs for €0 CAPEX investment.

Minimise leakage by optimising PRV locations, settings and DMA boundaries.

 21 - 31.5% leakage reduction

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