SUEZ and NWL partner in Ofwat Innovation Fund winner Hydro Powered Concentric Smart Meter Project 

SUEZ proudly joins forces with Northumbrian Water Ltd. (NWL) as one of the key partners in the groundbreaking Hydro Powered Concentric Smart Meter Project, the recipient of the Ofwat1 Innovation Fund’s Catalyst Stream prize, with a grant amounting to nearly £900,000.
Constant transmission of smart meter data drains battery life and reduces the usable life of current smart meters. The Hydro Powered Concentric Smart Meter Project is set to overcome these limitations by harnessing the flow of water to provide unlimited power source for the meter. Among its key benefits include live, rich data for consumers and utilities; reduced consumption and improved leak prevention; water savings and enhanced sustainability; reduced maintenance; and elimination of environmentally harmful batteries.

SUEZ, the trusted partner for circular solutions in water and waste, plays an innovative contribution and a pivotal role in the project by developing an AI-based analysis software that can intelligently infer usage patterns from consumer consumption profiles. Additionally, SUEZ is behind the development of low-power meter data transmitters that ensure optimal energy efficiency and preservation of meter battery life. Through its state-of-the-art metrology testing center, SUEZ will also be responsible for testing prototype devices.

Committed to creating value over the entire lifecycle of its clients’ assets and services, SUEZ has made new digital solutions for water and waste one of its strategic development axes. SUEZ brings its expertise in data collection, advanced processing and AI to design high value and innovative solutions for the environmental performance of cities, businesses and users. This ecosystem includes an integrated smart metering offer (ON'Connect™), with smart communicating water meters, and a set of data analysis tools and software platforms, serving water savings and the environmental performance of all our clients worldwide. Pioneer in this field, world leader with more than 6 million connected meters sold, SUEZ is constantly investing in the development of new technologies”, stated David Adams, Commercial Director for SUEZ Smart & Environmental Solutions in the UK.

Gary Adams, Head of Smart Programmes at Northumbrian Water, said: “We are incredibly proud to have been granted almost £900,000 worth of funding to progress this idea – which started with SUEZ at our Innovation Festival two years ago. Through great collaboration, and thanks to the financial backing this project has now received, we will be able to deliver a product which will make a huge difference to our customers and to our environment.

The two-year project, which is composed of an international and multi-sector partnership2 , will be executed through several delivery phases including feasibility and discovery; ideation and evaluation; business case development; prototype design, build, and testing. 

1 Ofwat (Water Services Regulation Authority) is the economic regulator of the water and wastewater sector in England and Wales and is the body behind the pioneering Ofwat Innovation Fund meant to encourage water companies, researchers and other stakeholders to develop innovative solutions to address challenges in the water sector.

2 Including, alongside SUEZ: NWL, OCTO, Hydrao, Southern Water, PDL Solutions, Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), French National Centre for Scientific Research, and Synthotech.