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Flipping the focus from reactive repairs to proactive prevention for zero leakage in water networks

Joe Finn, SUEZ Head of Sales for Inflowmatix and AQUADVANCED®Urban Drainage, pulls no punches in saying that prevention is way better than reaction in the quest for zero leakage.
Addressing critical problems comes first for a reason. Urgent matters understandably demand immediate attention; when a pipe bursts and customers are left without water  access, it's an unacceptable situation requiring immediate solution. As an industry, we have put a huge amount of effort into mastering the art of swiftly spotting leaks and bursts, and fixing them. 

However, while we've excelled in reacting to issues when they occur, we’ve also seen a notable neglect of preventative measures. When you only focus on fixing problems as they occur, more problems will continue to pile up, increasing the resources required to manage these issues. Without a bigger focus on prevention, we will never achieve zero leakage/bursts.

To hit that absolute zero target, relying solely on reactive solutions won’t cut it. You'd need to concentrate on monitoring, prediction, and enacting preventative measures. Think of it like a great boxer – they don’t just stand there waiting for and reacting to punches. They move strategically, predict their opponent’s moves, and dodge punches. We need that kind of proactive strategy for long-term success.

Leaders in the water industry need a strategy that not only sharpens reaction times and repairs but also makes significant changes in network management, prediction, and prevention. This is doable today by using  the data you have and collecting more where needed. SUEZ has a range of digital technology and on-the-ground solutions that are paving the way towards more reliable water networks.

SUEZ has the capability to work with water utilities, offering the most advanced techniques and solutions for detection, monitoring, and prevention. By understanding the root causes of issues, SUEZ tailors solutions to improve performance, address current challenges, and prevent future failures. 

SUEZ can help you transition from merely reacting to preventing future issues. It’s about operating a water network that not only works today but keeps working efficiently in the long run.

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