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AQUADVANCED® Energy*: Real-time optimisation of water utility operations to achieve energy savings

SUEZ Digital Business Development Manager Ashley Slade shares his valuable insights about the benefits of  AQUADVANCED® Energy’s real-time optimisation for water utilities in the UK.
The UK water sector is a significant energy consumer, ranking among the top 5 energy consumers in the country due to the substantial power requirements of water treatment plants, pumping stations, and distribution networks. What is remarkable is how utility companies are actively driving the transformation towards a greener, more cost-efficient, and sustainable future. 

The sector is navigating a complex maze of challenges and sourcing complexities to master energy management. As well as purchasing from regular energy suppliers, utilities have vast capabilities to harness wind and solar power, as well as generate their own energy from in-line hydro and from biogas production.

In a thought leadership piece for the Water Industry Journal written by SUEZ Digital Business Development Manager Ashley Slade, he sheds light on how AQUADVANCED® Energy can empower utilities to maximise renewable energy, cut their costs and improve asset efficiency, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient world.

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