SUEZ Sponsors Sprint at Innovation Festival

Newcastle Racecourse, United Kingdom
  • Each year at NWG Innovation Festival HQ, they take a selection of business challenges and issues currently facing the water industry, as well as look at wider global issues that impact everyone, like climate change and water poverty. They bring together people from all over the globe with different skills and knowledge to work together to produce solutions and viable outcomes - all in five days or less.

    SUEZ is sponsoring one of the major sprints, entitled ‘Water Treatment Works of the Future’. How can we build a Water Treatment Works that is resilient to future changes in raw water quality? Water treatment works estates have changed over time and moved from mostly biological to mostly chemical processes. The increase in process intensity has reduced land take and construction cost and allowed water to be treated to meet ever tighter standards. The asset base is aging, and replacements are due soon, but new water works are very expensive and are only constructed after careful evaluation. We have an amazing opportunity to identify low carbon, low chemical, low power and resilient technologies that will be essential to the water treatment works of the future. Tackling all of those issues together what does the WTW of the future look like? Can we design an all new WTW?

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    Interestingly SUEZ sponsored a previous sprint in 2022, which resulted in the development of the Hydrometer, a fantastic project to develop a prototype of the world’s first concentric hydro powered smart meter, enabling the use of granular data to reduce customer PCC and removing the need for environmentally damaging batteries. This active project received Ofwat innovation funding.