24 APRIL 2024

Odour Emissions Management Conference

Leeds, United Kingdom
From 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM local time
  • This one-day conference will showcase best practice in preventing odour release along with the latest developments in odour management, odour monitoring and odour control.

    Craig Lewis, our SUEZ UK Air & Climate specialist will be presenting on Optimisation of conventional biofiltration odour control units (HEAB)

    Waste management facilities that operate conventional biofiltration systems face challenges to comply with regulations. High Efficiency Advanced Biomedia (HEAB) presents significant advantages compared to conventional organic media: Increased treatment performance, a residual outlet odour concentration of 1,000ouE/m3, long media bed life in excess of eight years and  substantially lower pressure drop compared to conventional organic media’s resulting in notably reduced electrical costs (circa 40% lower).


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