CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Annual Conference 2023

The Eastside Rooms, Woodcock St, Birmingham B7 4BL,United Kingdom
From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time
  • SUEZ is presenting at the CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Annual Conference


    We are delighted that Roseline Klein, International Development Manager, has been selected to present at the CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Annual Conference on Real-time Optimisation of Wastewater Collection to Reduce Overflows


    Roseline will talk about our operations in the Western suburbs of Paris, France, run by the SUEZ company SEVESC. There we are responsible for the wastewater and stormwater transport in the Versailles and Saint-Cloud area, amounting to 630kms of pipes and have implemented AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage technology. This tool helps the team optimise the storage capacity of wastewater assets, as well as limit discharge of wastewater to the Seine River during heavy rainfall.


    We are committed to reaching an 80% reduction in overflows to the Seine River by 2030, which is significant. We have already achieved an 11 to 15% reduction in discharges for each storm event experienced in 2022 and 2023 and aim for more. We know that the tool has generated 30% reductions in other networks.


    Tom Woolley, Joe Finn, Alex Phillips and Roseline Klein will be all attending the conference and will be found at the SUEZ exhibition stand. Please don’t hesitate to pop by and say hello.

    To find out more about AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage, click here.

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