Ice Pigging™ will be live at NO-DIG Live

The SUEZ Ice Pigging™ team are delighted to return to in-person exhibitions and will be demonstrating the power of Ice Pigging™ at No-Dig Live from 14th-16th September.

No-Dig Live is a highly focused event providing a forum for trenchless technologists to meet and discuss the latest industry developments. It is free of charge to visit and a must for anyone involved in the installation or refurbishment of underground utilities. No-Dig Live is supported by the UKSTT and Trenchless Works.

SUEZ Ice Pigging™ is a highly effective pipe cleaning technique in which ice slurry is moved through the network to remove unwanted material, sediment or other contaminants from the pipe. A no-dig, no-dismantle, cleaning solution that is applied across many industries – drinking water, wastewater network, district heating networks, oil & gas and other industries.

SUEZ Ice Pigging™ utilises a two-phase Ice slurry, which is pumpable like a liquid, but forms a semi-solid ‘pig’ within the pipe. The Ice Pig™ is capable of navigating complex pipework which may incorporate changes in pipe diameter, bends, valve systems and other obstructions with no risk of becoming stuck. It is versatile, low risk and saves considerable time. The process provides significantly cleaner pipes than water flushing, improving water quality, clearing debris and improving flow rates.

The SUEZ team will be at Stand 38 in the outside arena at No-Dig Live and are happy to answer your questions, share our case studies and to give you a demonstration.

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