The Challenges in El Paso, Texas

The City of El Paso has long prioritized providing safe and reliable drinking water, a commitment that comes with an annual energy bills exceeding $7 million. To balance the demands of a complex water operation with electric rates, the city sought a technological solution to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. In 2012, El Paso adopted AQUADVANCED® Energy. The city later added Energy Monitoring in 2018 and incorporated 300 wastewater treatment assets into the system in 2023.

The Results

The implementation has yielded significant benefits for El Paso over the past decade. The technology has led to an average annual saving of 10% on electric bills and improved pump efficiency by 6%.

Beyond these measurable benefits, the system has provided the city with valuable insights into the behaviour of its water system under various demand scenarios. The technology's geographic visualization of complex data has been instrumental in training new staff and fostering a comprehensive understanding of system assets, including pumps, flow meters, pipes, valves, and tanks. This has streamlined operations, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of essential assets. The AQUADVANCED® solution has proven to be a flexible, adaptable, and consistent approach to managing the water network, providing the city with a resilient framework that effectively responds to evolving challenges and demands. The adoption of this smart water technology represents a transformative step towards a more sustainable and efficient water management paradigm for the City of El Paso.

Case study : Integrating a real-time optimisation system to address rising energy costs