Centrale Laitière Danone : targeting “zero waste in landfill”

Centrale Laitière, a Danone subsidiary, has been entrusting SUEZ with the management of waste produced by its four factories and its numerous logistical platforms since 2015
The mission
In addition to waste collection, the group provides real support in engineering, guidance and administrative follow-up and has implemented a progress plan targeting "zero waste in landfill".
Our answer
Establish a plan for "zero landfill waste" :
• Waste sorting operations, packaging, processing, as well as transport to recovery channels
• Complementary services on specific segments such as the destruction of production waste, realized thanks to a specific tool and management process new in Morocco
• Support in engineering, advice and administrative follow-up allowing complete traceability of waste
The results
of non-compliant dairy products are destroyed on the spot
recovery rate for p/p waste in 2016