Operational & asset performance

Assessing your network’s operational and asset performance is key to providing effective solutions. SUEZ evaluates your network performance using a combination of your existing data, technology, and employee inputs along with our portfolio of solutions to estimate the current and future state of your assets. From break reduction to pressure management, to replacement planning; we can help you gain significant performance improvement along with cost efficiencies.

SUEZ supports your asset data collection and evaluation needs to determine the correct course of action. Based on thousands of miles of operational experience and working with nearly all of the top technology, software, and analytics providers in the industry; we  deliver utilities effective strategies to get the most of their assets and budgets.

Specifically, we can provide network-wide support for:

  • Optimized planning for monitoring and inspection technologies.
  • Data integration and evaluation of inspection and monitoring data.
  • Extrapolations of data across the entire network, where applicable.
  • Optimized re-inspection, monitoring, and replacement plans.

Long-term planning

SUEZ offers a holistic methodology that leverages algorithms, intelligent automation, and computational intelligence to simultaneously balance cost, risk, and level of service against an explosion of factors utilities must grapple with to better serve their communities.

Utilities are no longer limited by human capacity and could run any number of scenarios and combinations in just hours, not weeks to evaluate a breadth of operational and capital planning strategies. This outcome-based analysis regularly results in efficiencies of at least 30% compared to manually developed strategies.

Real-time advisory & control

SUEZ’s real-time software solution, AQUADVANCED, is dedicated to managing the performance of drinking water networks and the preservation of water resources. It is an efficient management tool for operators and local authorities, which - thanks to the complete monitoring of the network in real time - helps you detect and manage challenges better while reducing water losses and controlling water quality.

AQUADVANCED® Energy - 2'06", subtitled version in english - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Case studies

Enhancing Denver Water’s Mains Renewal Program

Denver Water (DW), the largest water utility in Colorado, provides drinking water to over 1.5 million customers in the Greater Denver area. DW’s distribution network contains thousands of miles of water mains of varying age, materials, and size.

Embracing Automation And Optimization For Asset Management

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) is one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in the United States, serving over 1.8 million residents across a 1,000-square-mile area. WSSC is responsible for over 5,700 miles of water distribution pipes and 5,500 miles of sewer collection pipes.