Scope: Software Subscription and Development
Population: 1.5 million
Duration: 3 years

In order to leverage, simplify, and improve the pipes replacement initiative that is executed throughout the year, the group ensured:

  • Development of a tool to assist with their annual mains renewal planning.
  • KPI identification for renewal, superseding the utility’s existing manual replacement prioritization framework.
  • OptimizerTM platform by SUEZ utilized its intelligent algorithm stack and cloud connectivity.

DW was specifically looking to develop an intelligent main replacement prioritization tool and harmonize driving factors for main replacement in order to improve levels of customer service. With help from SUEZ Smart & Environmental Solutions – North America, DW was delivered:

  • A comprehensive, dynamic, and defensible main replacement plan using data from across the utility.
  • A risk and buildability assessment as well as return on investment.
  • Optimized strategies which can be exported directly to ArcGIS Online for integration on a customized dashboard for a subsequent planning activity.

Resulting benefits of a partnership with SUEZ:

  • CAPEX reduction
  • OPEX savings
  • Quality RISK mitigation
  • OPERATIONAL performance
  • REPUTATION from brand value