Digital Data Collection Made Easy

The days of a single control room operator scribbling in a paper logbook are over. eRIS•LOG is a comprehensive electronic logbook that is both secure and adaptable.

Cloud-hosted, it’s quickly deployed and implemented for use anywhere on both computer and mobile devices. With an intuitive interface, users can begin recording immediately with instant benefits. Audit trail and database tampering technology tracks and stores each digital record to meet regulatory requirements.

Simple, Flexible Entries
  • Easily record entries from computer workstations, tablets, or mobile devices.
  • The mobile app for iOS or Android supports offline logbook entry, allowing users to document live in the field.
  • Operators, maintenance staff, field crews, compliance officers, and management can all create entries simultaneously.
  • Custom labels group specific process areas or entry categories for organization and easy searching.
  • Filter entries by label, date, entry author, or keyword.
  • Dynamic search features put relevant information in the hands of decision-makers.
  • Unlike paper, the electronic logbook allows for more descriptive entries with expandable, free-form text entry fields.

eRIS-LOG: Product Demo

Credit: eRIS Software

Regulatory reporting

Protecting people and the environment is always top of mind for utility managers. An important part of the day-to-day management of a utility is operating within regulatory compliance guidelines. From drinking water quality to wastewater treatment pollutant discharge limits, there are a lot of people, processes, equipment, and data to manage.

Unfortunately, challenges in regulatory data collection, management, and reporting can create inefficiency, increase costs, and lead to compliance issues.

This is where SUEZ’s eRIS solution can help. By providing data collection, integration, management, and reporting tools; eRIS provides utilities the tools needed to not only maintain regulatory compliance but also significantly improve efficiencies resulting in time and cost savings.

Real-time advisory control

AQUADVANCED Plant is a decision support system dedicated to operators for the continuous improvement of the performance of drinking water and wastewater plants. Thanks to this modular and customizable digital platform, operators comply with water quality regulations while optimizing operating costs through detailed monitoring of assets and their interactions.


Credit: SUEZ group

Case study

Collect & Connect: Toronto Water & eRIS

Toronto’s nearly three million customers rely on their water staff to keep the operation running at its peak. They needed an application that would turn their existing data systems into a single, powerful look into the state of Toronto water to determine bottlenecks and assess future risks.