Data management & optimization

Modern water and wastewater utilities collect substantial volumes of data from a wide variety of sources – sensors and IoT devices, meters and AMI systems, condition assessment and inspections, and enterprise systems that support disparate operations and maintenance activities. SUEZ solutions such as eRIS and Optimizer focus on creating value for utilities and ensuring the right data is utilized to solve the problem at hand.
eRIS, a SUEZ company, provides the foundation of our offering by setting up a utility for a successful digital transformation.

In the onslaught of data produced daily by our organizations, finding and using essential information is a challenge. Often data from different areas are handled within their own application, creating data silos within the utility. Working with eRIS allows us to better access data and make it available to the right people at the right time.

Working with eRIS also boasts these benefits:

Connect Everything

  • Secure: on-premise or secure cloud hosting
  • Low risk: No data warehouse, easily expandable
  • Results: Implementation in days, not weeks or months

Take Control of Your Data

  • Real0time reporting from soloed systems
  • Confidence in data with controlled edits
  • Automated reporting

Drive Operational Decisions

  • Set monitoring thresholds and alerts
  • Track KPIs with integrated workflows
  • Generate measurable values
Optimatics, a SUEZ company, applies and develops technology that provides water and wastewater utility clients with defensible solution options to make decisions across daily operations through to long-term master plans. Actively investing to continually enhance our Optimizer™ software, Optimatics maintains relationships with universities and technology organizations worldwide, gaining access to the latest study outcomes for commercial applications.

Optimizer™, a cloud-based optimization software solution, comprehensively analyzes water distribution and collection systems by evaluating hundreds of thousands of asset types (pipes, pumps, storages, and control facilities) and size combinations against multiple objectives such as cost, hydraulic performance, energy, and water quality. Optimizer™ allows planners and engineers to focus on results and avoid costly overdesigns.

Working with Optimizer™ transforms infrastructure economics with outcome-driven analytics and planning strategies.

Optimizer™ - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Consider All Possibilities

  • Run millions of scenarios and combinations in hours
  • Factor in all conditions
  • Adaptable to dynamic situations

Zero in on the Best Strategy

  • Multi-objective analysis
  • Actionable and timely results
  • Consistent and repeatable process

Act with Confidence

  • Transparent and unbiased decisions
  • Engage and align stakeholders
  • Achieve social, environmental, financial, and equity goals
Case study

Fort Wayne’s eRIS Adoption: Small Town, Big Challenges

Located in the northeast corner of Indiana, the City of Fort Wayne is a blue-collar manufacturing town at heart. Once a tiny frontier town, it’s now home to 300,000 residents. It’s the responsibility of Fort Wayne’s City Utilities team to serve those locals. It’s a big job that spans several teams, plants, and offices.