About us

Intelligent solutions developed by utilities for utilities to optimize performance, improve operations & maintenance, and extend the lifespan of assets. SUEZ works with utilities to develop solutions that connect day-to-day decisions with long-term planning.
Our ambition

Designing and deploying intelligent water solutions developed by utilities for utilities

SUEZ acts today and for tomorrow to preserve the essential elements of our environment that ensure our future: water, soil, and air.
We design and deploy intelligent water solutions developed by utilities for utilities. We aim to help utilities in the US in their journey of modernization and transformation through flexible and validated analytics, software, and services. We focus on solutions that are cost-effective, easy to deploy, and needs based. We partner with utilities at any stage of their journey regardless of their digital maturity.
Our customers

Working with you in a partnership approach

Our experience as a utility owner and operator provides us the unique perspective that not all utilities are the same and therefore not all solutions should be the same. That is why we aim to listen first before proposing solutions.

Our experience has led to a partnership approach using your existing hardware and systems combined with third party and SUEZ solutions to deliver large, quantifiable performance improvements.

We work with you to test each solution in a small, quick project to show value and understand the value creation of a broader deployment. This builds trust and confidence across our collective organizations by fostering relationships and showing achievable results.

Through our worldwide network of operators, engineers, scientists, and other experts we have assembled a portfolio of smart utility management solutions to help utilities:

  • Connect and Collect meaningful data.
  • Optimize capital investments and operational performance.
  • Implement sustainable utility management practices.
Our approach

Building modular solutions to address the specific needs of each partner

SUEZ's partners with utilities using a 4-step strategy and accompanying portfolio of solutions tested and proven in our own systems: Connect, Collect, Optimize, & Advise. This strategy enables us to help utilities connect day-to-day decisions with long-term planning via optimized, real-time solutions.
Providing the foundation of our offering by setting up a utility for a successful transformation.
By collecting and integrating a wide variety of data sources, utilities are delivered critical insights to improve performance and regulatory reporting and action in near or real time.
Optimization delivers better information to improve utility management decision-making and maximizes the benefits from digital water investments.
Decision advisory solutions deliver real-time situational awareness and control of utility assets.
SUEZ offers a unique combination of operational and engineering experience, IT expertise, software development and technical support, and fast, capable delivery. We focus on a long-term partnership with our utility building modular solutions to address the specific needs of each partner.