As of 2021, 44% of sewerage systems have been classified with conditions of poor, very poor, or life-elapsed. In order to make smart, defensible improvements, you must anticipate network degradation to ensure continuity of service and also optimize your OPEX and CAPEX allocations.

Enter SUEZ. We tackle these issues, approaching them as water operators ourselves. The design and operating solutions we offer include meeting our clients to view the actual live operation and provide unrivaled experience, technology, and references. We take pride in our long history of working alongside our partners and clients, leveraging our relationships to solve even the most challenging issues.

Operational & asset performance

Assessing your network’s operational and asset performance is key to providing studied solutions. SUEZ constructs risk maps and conducts rapid inspections that pinpoint the current weaknesses in your system while also determining the most economical and ecological order of operations. 

SUEZ supports your asset data collection and evaluation needs to determine the correct course of action. Based on thousands of miles of operational experience, we deliver utilities effective strategies to get the most out of their assets and budgets.

Specifically, we provide network-wide support for:

  • Optimized planning for monitoring, inspection, and cleaning programs.
  • Data integration and evaluation of inspection and monitoring data.
  • Machine learning for probability of blockage analysis.
  • Extrapolations of data across the entire network, where applicable.

Long-term planning

After initial assessments and inspections, it’s imperative to conduct advanced inspections and construct a long-term renewal plan. SUEZ helps you define all options and visualize your solution as a multifaceted and comprehensive set of actions that can be organized and prioritized in a manner that limits interruption, maximizes your budget, and predicts future maintenance needs.

Real-time advisory & control

AQUADVANCED is a cutting-edge software that helps predict asset failure; with AQUADVANCED, SUEZ combines your collected data with Cloud computing to maximize the impact of your investment. It provides multi-criteria knowledge and a decision-support system to helps you choose the section of network to rehabilitate before major damage occurs.

Smart sewerage system management - AQUADVANCED URBAN DRAINAGE - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group