The mission

Davanagere is one such city in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. One of the largest hubs for textile and agricultural products, the city is among the ten municipalities chosen for the “Smart Cities” program launched by the Indian government. The city is keen to develop better access and quality of water for its citizens.


In 2018, the city’s municipal authorities awarded a contract to SUEZ which includes design of 24x7 water supply scheme for Davanagere city, rehabilitation of water distribution system by constructing new distribution network to replace the current network, construction of new clear water transmission main from WTP to entire city, rehabilitation of existing OHTs and WTPs.

Our solution

SUEZ is currently in the process of organizing the data related to consumers and network that will help it design the details of the program that will ensure the improvement of water management and implementation of 24/7 water supply distribution network holistically and sustainably.

These objectives will be achieved in two phases: the works, which will last four years, cover a 75km² area, including 92,000 buildings (80,000 residential and 12,000 commercial or industrial buildings) and a water distribution network of 1,200km, and eight-year period of operation and maintenance (O&M).

During the O&M period, SUEZ will be in charge of the water production plants and the drinking water system to ensure constant access to drinking water for a population which is currently only supplied once every three to four days. The contract also sets objectives for improving the network's performance, water quality, and customer service by setting up a call center and customer contact centers to provide a personal service and efficient resolution of requests and complaints.

SUEZ has been supporting large municipalities since 2012, including Delhi, Bangalore and, more recently, Kolkata and Coimbatore, to improve drinking water services for a rapidly-growing population. SUEZ is proud of this new contract, which illustrates the Group's commitment to providing local authorities with reliable and tailored solutions to respond to the growing challenge of drinking water access.