Providing humanitarian

Providing humanitarian assistance and support to disaster victims has been one of the focus areas of SUEZ Foundation - India. In 2018, when devastating floods struck almost all the districts of state of Kerala, causing major catastrophe, SUEZ Foundation - India provided support. After the flood, the Foundation reached out to the victims and supported thousands of families with sanitation materials, health camps and educational materials to school children.

In the second phase of the intervention

In the second phase of the intervention, the Foundation installed water purifiers facilitating clean drinking water for 16,216 children in all the 111 government schools of Kuttanadu taluka in Alleppey. SUEZ is a global leader in water management and believes safe drinking water is the first step towards ensuring public health and well-being.

Save the Children, a global non-profit organization, has recognized this initiative for its impact on the Alleppey district's children. Globally, Save the Children is present in more than 80 countries and works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children living there.

Established in 2016, SUEZ Foundation - India is committed to empowering the socio-economically weaker and underprivileged sections of the community through sustainable initiatives in education, women empowerment, health, environment, humanitarian assistance as well as WASH.