Innovative solutions to improve efficiency, enable real time operations and informed decision making

The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation and SUEZ India are all set to transform and digitalize water distribution and customer services in Coimbatore.
The mission

In 2018, Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation awarded a contract to SUEZ to manage and operate the water distribution system within the entire city to ensure continuous drinking water access to its 1.6 million inhabitants. A 26 year-long water project, the scope of the contract includes the optimization, rehabilitation, and operation of the entire water distribution system (reservoirs, water network, house connections, water meters, valves, etc.) which will cover an area of over 100 km2 with 150,000 connections and a distribution network of 1,200km.

The contract also aims to improve customer services with a state-of-the-art customer call center and customer agencies to ensure personalized service and faster complaints resolution.

How it will be achieved:

  • Operation and Maintenance of Distribution Water System
  • Meter Reading, Billing and Revenue Collection
  • Complaint Redressal and Management
  • Network Repairs
  • New Service Connections
  • Disconnections
  • Asset Management
  • Preventive and Reactive Maintenance
Our solution

Processes to be introduced


Helium Leak Detection:

  • Detects invisible leaks without digging
  • Well adapted for Indian cities with intermittent supply, low pressure and noisy environment which makes detection with traditional technique difficult and inefficient
  • Very compact, can be used in narrow lanes

GIS based Digital Service:

  • All customers of Coimbatore city to be mapped in GIS
  • SUEZ’s ROPES (Real-Time Operation Performance System) – a real time integrated system for all the departments to get information on one platform to be used
  • Real time monitoring and management of all operation and management activities
  • Water distribution system assets mapping into GIS
  • Quick response and solution to customer requests and queries of customers based on real time location-based information

Customers’ centric initiatives:

  • Improved Customer services, online processing, faster approval processes and complaint resolution
  • No illegal connection as each consumer is mapped, which means more water for consumers
  • Visible improvements in the quality of life
  • Better health for the residents - less/no water borne diseases because of contamination free safe drinking water
  • Continuous growth of city

Increased revenues for utility:

  • Minimized Non-Revenue Water, thus more money for the utility
  • Better Asset Management, lesser operation and maintenance cost