The mission

In one such initiative, SUEZ joined hands with Society for All Round Development (SARD), an NGO, to launch a program in a Senior Secondary School in Wazirabad in Gurugram, Haryana in early 2017 to transform it into a Centre of Excellence to demonstrate effective delivery of equitable quality education for all children. The Program aimed to build upon four crucially connected dimensions- social, academic, infrastructural and organizational - to ensure a holistic development of the students while ensuring capability building and sustainability.

Our solution

Following are some of the initiatives that our Foundation has taken in the last few years: Following are some of the initiatives that our Foundation has taken in the last few years:

  • Set up a model ICT Centre with the latest devices that would be used by more than 2000 students over a period of three years
  • Developed a model Physics, Chemistry and Biology lab
  • Build capability of teachers and students on ways to use Science, Math and ICT labs and empower them to enhance their learning level with innovative techniques
  • Created and empowered the school to maintain WASH & disaster risk reduction friendly school, stimulating and inclusive learning for the students
  • Improved school governance and management through capacity enhancement and promoting active engagement of all stakeholders including teachers, students, community, and concerned government duty bearers
  • Ensured non-discriminatory, inclusive, violence-free, and joyful learning environment for all students through effective child participation and child protection approaches

The result

This has tremendously helped the students so far and they have got exposure to such equipment and infrastructure for the first time in their life. This has help increased the school’s performance and the result of Mathematics and Science for the students.

The students were also sensitized on WASH through various paintings created on the walls of the school highlighting key good practices about hygiene and sanitation.The teachers of the school have been trained in ICT and how to use these advanced labs. Hence, all the teachers have also been trying to integrate technology in their teaching and use the labs to conduct the classes.

The Science labs (physics, chemistry and biology) which have been established in the school have been used by the students and the teachers to conduct various practical experiments and to enhance the understanding of the students in the Science subjects.

“We are very happy with the initiatives SUEZ has taken for the holistic development of the school, keeping in mind our students and their needs. The modern facilities like the ICT and Science labs are going to help our students get the exposure they need to succeed in their future. I’d like to thank SUEZ and SAARD from the bottom of my heart for their continued efforts and great work,” – Ms. Chand Sehgal, Principal, Senior Secondary School, Wazirabad, Gurugram


Neeru: “I did not have a computer in my previous school so it was very hard to learn. Since the computers have come here, we have learned so much and realized the importance of it. I want to become a bank manager and now I understand how it works. We were excited when we heard that SUEZ was going to install these computers in our school.”

Pooja: “I had never used a computer before, even though I went to a private school. I understood the different ways I can utilize the computer and its features by practically gaining knowledge. Thanks to SUEZ we can now think about our career.”

Roshan Kumar: “Normally we learn from the teachers at the school but since SUEZ gave us these computers we are able to gain knowledge by accessing the Net and answering our own questions.”

Sonam: “We love learning Chemistry and experimenting in the lab. Since the lab was renovated, we are being able to do a lot more experiments in a safe environment and it makes learning a lot more fun!”

Akshita: “We want to thank SUEZ for giving us the resources to learn science and technology in the modern way. Now we can all work towards the betterment of our future.”