Industrial waste management in Morocco: SUEZ obtains the renewal of its contract with Renault Group Maroc

For the fourth consecutive time, Renault Group Maroc has entrusted SUEZ with the treatment and recovery of waste of its two plants in Morocco. Thus, SUEZ has reinforced its position as a reference partner of the car manufacturer and as leader in industrial waste management in Morocco.
A long-standing industrial client of SUEZ in Morocco, Renault Group Maroc has two plants in Tangiers (Melloussa Free Zone) and Casablanca (Somaca) with a total production capacity of 440,000 vehicles per year. The contract, renewed in June 2022, covers these two facilities for an extendable duration of 3 years and an average annual volume of 20,400 tonnes of waste.

Thanks to the renewal of this contract, SUEZ Morocco will continue to ensure the overall waste management of the manufacturer through the implementation of human and material resources for the collection of waste (hazardous and non-hazardous waste), the management of operations related to the waste park (sorting, compacting, shredding, packaging, and storage) as well as the recovery and treatment in the most appropriate channels.

This new contract marks the success of the partnership that has linked the two companies in Morocco for 14 years. Together, the two groups will contribute to pursue the development of the circular economy in the country, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom's industrial acceleration plan for the period 2021-2023.

The scope of the new contract also includes the management of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) located in the Somaca facility. The digital and complete operation of the service as well as the ISO 14001 certification of the sites are also part of SUEZ's commitments.

In Morocco, SUEZ has been supporting Renault Group Maroc since 2008 in the operational management of waste, as well as through engineering and consulting services in environmental matters. Therefore, in this new contract, SUEZ has focused on innovative solutions enabling Renault Group Maroc to reduce the costs and carbon footprint of its activity, while improving the waste recovery rate and performance.

Finally, based on feedback from the covid-19 pandemic, the new contract will allow SUEZ to adapt its organisation and resources according to the evolution of the vehicles production.


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