World's largest plant for purifying Produced Water using MBBR technology

Before being discharged to receiving water bodies, produced water from offshore oil and gas production facilities must undergo optimal and effective treatment since it contains a variety of production-related compounds that may be environmentally hazardous.
Our mission

The largest treatment plant in the oil and gas industry using MBBR technology

At the offshore production platforms, Produced Water was separated from crude oil. However, complete separation was not possible. As a result, a little amount of Produced water would accompany the crude oil to the terminal, where it was finally separated. 

The treated Produced water was previously discharged to the public sewage system in Fredericia, leading to the municipal wastewater treatment plant; however, it was discovered that the wastewater from the crude oil terminal did not comply with Fredericia Municipality's discharge requirements on one specific parameter.

After successful implementation of DOP pilot plant in 2019 (read more about our case here), SUEZ have been awarded a contract for Design and Construction of a dedicated wastewater treatment plant in 2021, as well as a contract for its Operation and Maintenance (which can be extended to 2050) to ensure future compliance with discharge standards.

The new, and the World's largest plant for purifying Produced Water using MBBR technology is created to handle a design flow of 700 m3 per day of highly saline wastewater.

The world's largest plant for purification of Produced Water using MBBR technology

Credit: SUEZ Danmark

Our solutions

SUEZ multi-barrier solution for Produced Water treatment

With an emphasis on flexibility and resilience, SUEZ's multi barrier solution has been integrated into the treatment process and has made it feasible to handle Produced Water with a very wide range of quality. The system is made to be secure, simple to use, and to cut down on operational expenses.

The plant provides a local purifying procedure that considerably contributes to environmental benefits in place of the previous practice of disposing of/burning the water.

Treatment steps
The multi-barrier solution consists of successive treatment steps to ensure that the treated produced water meets the discharge:
Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (Meteor)
Integrated ozonation (Oxyblue)
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
Dual media filter
Activated carbon filter

This project is the biggest global reference for this particular type of purification for the whole SUEZ, demonstrating professional competence in carrying out a complex solution even to the most demanding clients.

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