About us

Leader of water technologies and water solutions in Denmark, providing professional expertise within water cycle to industrial and municipal clients. 
Our ambition

Protecting water resources is SUEZ’s highest priority

Since 1980’s SUEZ in Denmark is marking its presence on the market as the leader of water technologies and solutions. During more than 40 years of activity in Scandinavian and Baltic regions, SUEZ has more than 30 completed projects within water business in Denmark alone.
Our challenges

Preserving water resources at its core

Water quality in Denmark is one of the best in the world and we need to protect it and prevent contamination. Our focus is to maintain the quality of our water by all means.

Through more than 160 years of SUEZ dedication towards resource protection, we have refined our knowledge, models and technologies to meet modern requirements.

We provide our expertise within water management and innovative solutions to meet demands of growing population needs, secure preservation of life-giving resource by sustainably managing water cycles.

About us

Experts in water and wastewater solutions for Scandinavian market

Since 1980’s dedicated teams of engineers are committed to provide solutions for increasing demands for water and wastewater treatment in Denmark.

Our main desire is to provide smart and sustainable resource management and to conserve and protect precious water ecosystems.

To this day, we are dedicated to inventing new models and technologies, and provide our extensive expertise combined with gained-through-experience knowledge to enhance water utilities’ ability to treat and reuse water while maintaining safe and secure water cycle.