Improving phosphorus removal while ensuring Danish discharge limits 

In order to meet more strict phosphorus discharge limits, new solutions for tertiary wastewater treatment are required to be implemented at wastewater treatment plants.

Key focus point to address for such implementation of additional treatment steps is to have operational flexibility, low footprint and low total cost of ownership.

Targeting wastewater treatment plants’ effluents and the stormwater overflows

We developed a new, improved technology for ballasted flocculation and coagulation, and we named it Densadeg XRCTM. This technology uses an extreme rate settling clarifier process with a velocity up to 140m/h and it can ensure tertiary treatment to achieve phosphorus discharge levels down to 0,1 ppm.

We have implemented this solution in Skanderborg wastewater treatment plant, and we proved its efficiency.

Densadeg XRC™ in Skanderborg

Credit: SUEZ Danmark

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