Treating Produced Water in environmentally friendly way

Over many years, Danish Oil Pipe A/S had been forced to export the Produced Water from the oil terminal in Fredericia by ship to an industrial wastewater handling facility in Stigsnæs. The existing treatment facility at the oil terminal was not able to treat the Produced Water sufficiently to meet the discharge permit set out by the municipality.

This export by ship was involving use of a lot of chemicals and it was in general, not environmentally friendly. After years of studies on various upgrade solutions for the treatment plant, the client and their consultant reached out to SUEZ to find a proper solution.

MBBR technology that treats Produced Water

The Produced Water is very difficult to treat as it both contains a wide range of harsh contaminants from the oil production and transport and also it has a very high salt content. The salinity of the Produced Water in Fredericia is around double the salinity of seawater.

We have developed a multi-barrier solution that makes it possible to treat very varying quality of Produced Water. It has been developed with a focus on flexibility and robustness. This completely covered system is designed to be safe, easy to operate and minimize operating costs and can handle both the extreme salinity and the high loads of contaminants.
Due to the highly variable quality of the incoming water, the system is designed with several different adjustable solutions that the operator can adjust in real time according to the variations in the composition of the inlet water. This highly adjustable plant model offers a very reliable solution where the water is purified environmentally optimally, but also optimizes operating costs.

Proven MBBR results with oil & gas industry in Fredericia

In order to proof the feasibility of the solution before establishing a permanent treatment plant, SUEZ was requested to install and operate a mobile treatment plant with capacity of treating up to 120 m3/d (today expanded up to 180 m3/d) of Produced Water to meet the discharge requirements on nitrification inhibition (<20%) before it is discharged to the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

The mobile treatment plant has been in operations for more than two years, successfully proving that MBBR is the right solution and recently the operations contract was extended for two years.

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