Produced Water treatment for industrial wastewater

Produced Water from offshore oil & gas production facilities contains a range of substances from the production that can be harmful to environment and therefore optimal and efficient treatment is required prior to discharge to receiving water bodies.
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Produced Water treatment

The term Produced Water is used in a description of water that is produced as byproduct during the extraction of oil and gas. It is a mixture of organic and inorganic compounds and treatment of Produced Water can be challenging due to large variations of its contamination.

The general objective is to the contaminants by applying physical, chemical and biological treatmentbefore Produced Water can be released back to water recirculation, re use or simply discharged back to nature.
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MBBR and ozonation used in Produced Water treatment

SUEZ has long-term experience with the treatment of Produced Water and developed a range of treatment solutions including MeteorTM - our MBBR solution based on biological treatment - and OxyblueTM, which is a solution based ozonation for chemical oxidation of hardly biodegradable substances.

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