Phosphorus recovery via struvite precipitation

Phosphorus is a limited resource and at the same time as it is essential to human life and food production (agriculture). Therefore, the recovery of Phosphorus from sewage sludge has a strong focus globally.
Your challenges

Struvite scaling in pipes and deposits in digesters

In wastewater treatment plants, phosphorus is either removed through chemical precipitation or by biological phosphorus removal.

Especially, in cases where the plant is designed for biological phosphorus removal, operational challenges can occur due to precipitation of struvite in pumps and pipes.

As an answer to these operational challenges, solutions for controlled Phosphorus precipitation and recovery can be applied.
Our solution

Recovery of phosphorus via struvite precipitation

Phosphogreen™ is a phosphorus recovery process based on a precipitation-crystallization reaction.

This technology allows for production of struvite pellets that can be used directly as fertilizer e.g. in agriculture.

We have proven efficiency of this solution in Marselisborg wastewater treatment plant in Aarhus.

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