In 2011, SA Water adopted an alliance model to enhance the operation and maintenance of Adelaide’s metropolitan water and wastewater systems. 10 years on, the partnership continues, as SA Water entered a new alliance contract with SUEZ for the production and treatment water and wastewater services to metropolitan Adelaide, the fifth largest city in the country.

The best of both worlds

Co-creation and collaborative partnerships between the public and private sectors can generate significant efficiencies in government-owned water utilities, helping them meet current and future challenges. This was the case when government-owned water utility, SA Water, united with us to support its delivery of services in metropolitan Adelaide.

Partners in efficiency

SUEZ operates five drinking water and five wastewater treatment plants and three recycled water plants, catering to the needs of over one million people in South Australia.

In collaboration with SA Water, we have developed an industry participation plan with initiatives to transform the contract into tangible economic and socioeconomic benefits for the region.

As part of this plan, we have created an ambitious business improvement program, which aims to achieve sustainable savings that will be supported by the implementation of smart solutions developed by the SUEZ Group. These include the AQUADVANCED® suite. This suite of digital tools is dedicated to the optimisation of the management and control of water and wastewater networks and plants, thanks in particular to the optimized and predictive control of infrastructures.

Optimal outcomes

Through our expertise and knowledge in the water and wastewater sectors, we will be supporting SA Water in its commitment to deliver high-standards water and wastewater services. The contract’s renewal with SA Water further demonstrates our long-term partnership strategy.

The new field services arrangement will deliver better outcomes for SA Water and the community. With 24/7 personnel equipped with new modern vehicles, machinery and tools, the SUEZ team will be able to respond more quickly and complete more work overnight while the city and suburbs sleep, to reduce impact on commuters.

SA Water is working right across South Australia ensure the corporation’s 1.7 million customers have access to reliable water and wastewater services, while contributing to reducing the ecological impact on the environment.


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