Smart water

SUEZ is pioneering the digital water revolution to utilities across the world. Our proprietary market-leading platform provides a wide range of real-time tools and data analysis techniques to support a smart water network.
Your challenges

Putting customers at the heart of your decision making

Customer expectations are on the rise. They expect smarter, faster, and more efficient water services. There’s no easy way to stay in step with these growing expectations without actionable data from a smart water network.

As water utilities evolve into customer focused operations, data is more critical than ever.

With customers expecting smarter, faster, and more efficient services, it’s essential to gather meaningful and actionable data. By embracing smart solutions, you can deliver a quality customer experience and engage better with water consumers.


In this context, ‘smart water’ has become a popular term. As an integrated set of solutions, a smart water network enables utilities to remotely and continuously monitor the network. This includes managing maintenance issues and using data to optimise all aspects of the water and wastewater networks.


For example, through real-time monitoring and optimisation of wells and pumps, you can optimise a pump’s efficiency, and use alerts to generate warning should operating conditions deviate from the control. Likewise, with the right data to hand, you can reduce energy costs while maximising operational performance. This allows you to ensure operational efficiency and water delivery by maintaining consistency and reliability of operations.


Smart water networks empower you to deliver better and more efficient services, as well as maximise the return on investment, optimise energy consumption, and preserve water resources.

Network optimised in Barcelona
People serviced through smart water networks in Spain
Our solutions

Developing smart and reliable network monitoring solutions

SUEZ helps water utilities in being more customer focused. Our solutions help you achieve your business objectives.

Monitoring water consumption in real time

SUEZ ON’Connect™ is an internationally recognised smart water metering and IoT solution, using the WIZE international open standard for connecting LPWAN device. WIZE is a field-proven platform originally developed by utilities in 2005 as a fully open standard, with no requirement for exclusivity to any one manufacturer.

SUEZ ON’Connect™  enables water utilities to optimise and reduce peak water consumption and water losses.

In Australia, SUEZ has partnered with Goulburn Valley Water to help detect, optimise, and manage drinking water consumption and wastewater production from some of the Council's 128,000 strong customer base.

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SUEZ has also partnered with Unitywater to connect 7,000 customers in their "digital neighbourhood project", a dedicated service area to develop the future of digital utility operations.

Monitoring plant performance in real time

AQUADVANCED® Plant is a decision support system for continuous plant performance improvement and business process optimisation. The modular software suite allows you to:

  • Optimise operating costs (resource consumption, interventions and maintenance) and asset investments
  • Ensure the security of field officers and the safety of infrastructure
  • Guarantee regulatory compliance
  • Offer a customised dashboard that is accessible at any time by all stakeholders

Key features include:

  • Real-time monitoring and precise analysis of compliance, effectiveness of the treatment processes, availability and health of assets, resource consumption, intervention efficiency, health and safety, operating costs, etc.
  • Early detection of drifts and contextual alerts: compliance, treatment processes, assets and operating costs
  • Smart alarm management: prioritisation, filtering, grouping
  • Customisation of performance analysis views by the operator
  • Real-time and multi-plant dashboard for local authorities

  • Preventive maintenance adapted to the state of health of the assets
  • Aging models of equipment and renewal strategies
  • Anticipation of risks of process or assets malfunctions
  • Calculation of optimised management strategies
  • Optimisation modules with automated control of treatment processes
  • Optimised management of energy consumption and chemical use

Monitoring drinking water networks in real time

AQUADVANCED® Water Networks tracks data throughout the network system. The technology indicates when it’s necessary to conduct hydraulic and water quality analysis of drinking water networks for assessment and optimisation. This capability allows you to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction through
    - Ensuring water quality by efficiently monitoring the flow, pressure and quality of the water
    - Ensuring continuous drinking water distribution
    - Anticipating leaks, therefore reducing downtime caused by reactive maintenance
  • Optimise daily operational management of the drinking water network
  • Extend your drinking water network’s lifespan with proactive maintenance
  • Optimise your investment by prioritising infrastructure renewal and limiting construction of additional infrastructures.

Managing wastewater and stormwater in real time

AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage is an integrated solution that monitors, predicts, and ultimately controls wastewater and stormwater networks in real time. As an efficient and powerful tool, it enables you to:

  • Enhance operational efficiency, public safety, and environmental protection in stormwater and wastewater network.
  • Preserve the environment by monitoring the water quality of rivers and oceans in real time
  • Enhance cities’ resilience to natural adverse events such as floods through:
    • Anticipating flood risks. AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage allows operators plan ahead, and prepare and optimise storage capacity to prevent overflows into streets, rivers, or harbours
    • Analysing meteorological data, and data from level, flow, and quality sensors, installed across the network
    • Calculating the impact of rainfall in real time, on sewerage systems, urban areas, and the natural environment
  • Extend the lifespan of your network through optimised operations and proactive maintenance
  • Optimise your investment by prioritising infrastructure renewal and limiting construction of additional infrastructures.

Managing performance of wells in real time

AQUADVANCED® Well Watch is the first real-time monitoring and optimisation solution for wells and pumps. This solution:

  • Monitors well productivity by calculating and monitoring the specific capacity of wells
  • Optimises pump efficiency by calculating real-time pump efficiency and comparing it to the manufacturer’s theoretical data
  • Improves pump selection by calculating the actual operating point and comparing it to the pump manufacturer’s best efficiency point
  • Provides alerts by generating warnings and alarms when operating conditions deviate from optimal controls.

Managing energy consumption of water networks in real time

AQUADVANCED® Water Supply is a proven real-time optimisation system for water distribution networks. It reduces energy costs while maximising operational performance, water quality, and energy efficiency, all of which enhances your environmental footprint.

With this system, you can:

  • Choose the right times to schedule pumping to take advantage of lower electricity time-of-day and demand tariffs
  • Optimise pump efficiency by operating pumps and pump combinations at more efficient points to use less energy (with a reduced carbon footprint)
  • Ensure operational efficiency and water delivery by maintaining consistency and reliability of operation. An automated system controls water distribution 24/7
  • Improve decision making by simulating and comparing multiple scenarios with differing operational and economic constraints.

Remote control centres (VISIO)

SUEZ supports local authorities by offering an innovative water and sewerage management system. Easy access to data and real-time management capabilities improve performance, reliability and forecasting.

Designed by SUEZ, smart centres are equipped with smart, responsive digital equipment which provide city authorities with a consolidated view of their water and sewerage services. The sensors installed on networks and plants are used to collect and analyse the data, facilitating control in real time.

  • This new generation of smart control centres has three major objectives: excellence, sharing and service. In a single location,  the control centre consolidates services, know-how, and smart technologies allowing us to deliver:
    • Enhanced responsiveness in scheduling field maintenance work
    • Improved performance by equipment and networks
    • An increased capacity to anticipate using predictive models
    • Deeper data pooling and information sharing with stakeholders.
  • Providing consumers and local authorities with data is a top priority for SUEZ. We propose:
    • Web platforms for consumers providing access to their consumption data in real time
    • Web platforms for local authorities providing real-time access to information and data on the service, with the ability to monitor actions in the field
    • Opening smart centres to visitors.

Customer engagement solutions 

We offer solutions to assist you in transitioning to a customer centric organisation. We can help you:

  • Provide customers with accurate billing and responsive customer service
  • Maximise the value of data by improving its quality and accuracy
  • Initiate immediate action in the event of fraud
  • Reduce operating costs and increase revenue from water-related services
  • Optimise investments and avoid commercial losses through the renewal of meter technologies.

In addition, with our support you can rationalise water consumption and reduce your carbon footprint through smart meters by:

  • Giving consumers access to produced volumes and water consumption indicators via websites and smartphone apps
  • Improving awareness and knowledge among consumers by encouraging them to update their own data on water consumption to induce behavioural change and promote water conservation.