Accessing safe alternative water resources

Water scarcity is an ongoing challenge for municipalities, whether in rapidly growing cities or drought-affected rural and remote areas. Local authorities must meet increasingly stringent water quality requirements and minimise reliance on drinking water for non-potable applications. They seek access to alternative water resources and world-class facilities that enable them to meet rising demand while protecting the local environment and public health.
increased demand for fresh water by 2030

reduction in water supplies from drought and climate change 

Producing high quality recycled water

SUEZ’s advanced water reuse technologies enable the recycling of water for a wide range of purposes.

We have proven expertise across primary, secondary, tertiary and advanced treatment requirements to offer communities a safe, reliable and locally-controlled water supply. The water is treated in different ways, dependent on the source and use of the water and how it is delivered.

Our plants create an additional and climate independent water source to boost drinking water supplies, offering a real solution to addressing water scarcity.

Recycled water treatment processes

SUEZ water processing for reuse diagram

One stop shop

SUEZ is both project manager and water treatment specialist, enabling full control of all stages in the design and build of water treatment facilities.

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They trust us

SUEZ has more than 50 water reuse references across the globe, treating a combined total of 882 million cubic metres of wastewater each day for reuse.