Operation and maintenance

SUEZ has proven expertise in the operation and maintenance of a wide range of water assets, working with you to maximise efficiency and reliability while minimising operational costs.
Our capability

Resourcing essential services for communities

SUEZ currently operates and maintains more than 53 water, desalination, wastewater and reuse plants in tandem with our partners.

Facilities operated and maintained by us provide 10 million Australians with access to high quality drinking water produced by our treatment facilities. We’re Australia’s leading private water operator, with the capability to optimise your production costs and operational efficiencies, better manage your assets and ensure total compliance with all applicable health, safety, quality and environmental standards and regulations.

We’re trusted by leading Australian water utilities, with a proven track record in delivering essential services for customers including Sydney Water, SA Water, WA Water Corporation, Unity Water and the Victorian Government. Whether your contract is for a few months or 30 years, we’re committed to partnering with you to make the best use of resources.


Complete asset management

Effective management of assets can mean the difference between average and exceptional performance of your assets. SUEZ takes a continuous improvement approach, constantly monitoring performance and developing innovative solutions to boost efficiency. Our total asset management approach:

  • Prolongs asset life through proactive maintenance
  • Reduces overall costs for both operations and capital expenditures
  • Improves the security and safety of assets
  • Improves emergency response
  • Meets service expectations and regulatory requirements
  • Improves decisions about asset rehabilitation, repair and replacement.


Australians have access to drinking water from plants operated by SUEZ in Australia.
Our people

Proven experience and expertise

Our operation and maintenance team is committed to minimising the overall operating cost of your treatment system and maximising its reliability.

At SUEZ, we are proud of our reputation for excellence in all aspects of operation, maintenance, process optimisation, technical support and service continuity. Our highly skilled, professional team has deep experience and expertise in optimising operation and maintenance. Innovation is at the heart of all we do, and our people are driven to find new ways to deliver the best possible results across your entire network so you can make the most of your investment.


Award-winning service

SUEZ has been recognised with numerous awards, including the Operators & Service Provider Excellence Award in the 2017 National Infrastructure Awards for our excellence in operation and maintenance of the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant.

Our Technical Assistance Program

Sharing our global technical expertise

Our customers benefit from access to the expertise we’ve developed across the globe as part of our commitment to achieving sustainable savings and efficiencies in every facility we operate and maintain.
Our Technical Assistance Program offers our local customers the opportunity to leverage our research and development programs at CIRSEE, our global R&D centre at the forefront of innovation in water and wastewater technologies. We deploy our experts across Australia and New Zealand on missions to help local utilities improve water quality, optimise process performance and deliver cost savings.