Preserving the natural environment and the future of urban lifestyles

The effective management of wastewater and stormwater and the delivery of safe, high-quality drinking water is critical to protecting the local environment and the sustainability and amenity of urban living.

Faced with stringent regulations and increasing demand for sustainability, transparency and environmental protection, local authorities look to smart and integrated water networks that consider the full water cycle and deliver greater performance and efficiency.



of sewerage is discharged untreated in developing countries



of polluted stormwater is discharged into water bodies

Complete management of the water and wastewater treatment cycle

SUEZ understands the transformative impact that optimised water networks can have on communities. We work with our customers to boost the efficiency and performance of their networks to deliver more reliable water and sanitation services.
Our integrated solutions help municipal authorities effectively manage their networks, no matter how complex. In Adelaide, SUEZ’s Allwater partnership has improved performance and reduced water supply issues across manages more than 16,000 kilometres of water and wastewater networks servicing in excess of 1.1 million people.