Partnership models

Keeping prices affordable for your customers while adopting innovations to meet growing expectations and stringent regulations is a major challenge. SUEZ is a complete resource management partner, working alongside you to apply our expertise to meeting your customer and operational objectives.
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Achieving efficiencies through partnerships

The ultimate goal of our partnership models is to improve operational efficiencies and deliver cost savings for operators through assessing all areas for enhancements.

Key areas for network efficiency improvements

Network efficiency improvements diagram

Key areas for plant efficiency improvements

Plant efficiency improvements diagram
Our models

Delivering measurable outcomes and improvements

SUEZ supports two partnership models, tailored to meet the unique requirements of every plant or network.

Our Plant Efficiency Partnership model helps utilities and operators optimise plant operation and maintenance processes through our technical expertise and proven builder-operator experience.


Our Operational Efficiency Partnership model brings together SUEZ experts and representatives from partners and customers in one team, working together to improve the performance of water and wastewater treatment plants and networks.


These models both operate as a partnership between SUEZ and our client, where we jointly lead the alliance in creating the right culture, setting budgets, defining objectives, and putting action plans in place.

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A framework for success

We establish a reward/risk framework to engage every member in the team’s common goals and commitments, enabling partners to share benefits and risks. Comprehensive annual budget reviews keep the partnership on track to ensure contractual savings are delivered each and every year. We undertake continuous business improvement initiatives as part of our commitment to sustainable savings and efficiencies.


Technical Assistance Program

Our Technical Assistance Program offers our local customers the opportunity to leverage our research and development programs at CIRSEE, our global R&D centre at the forefront of innovation in water and wastewater technologies. We deploy our experts across Australia and New Zealand on missions to help local utilities improve water quality, optimise process performance and deliver cost savings.

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Our alliance partnership in South Australia is behind significant operational efficiency gains and cost savings across the whole assets.