SUEZ awarded with Prospect Water Filtration Plant upgrading contract to ensure water security for Greater Sydney

Through collaboration with Sydney Water since 1993, SUEZ has been operating the Prospect Water Filtration Plant (PWFP). The new contract aims to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the plant in its infrastructure and operation, to continue to serve the water demands of the communities while also accommodating the longer-term stresses of population growth and climate change.

Operated by SUEZ since 1993, through an extended build–operate–transfer contract that currently runs until 2035, the PWFP is the largest water filtration plant in Australia and supplies reliable drinking water to 85% of Sydney’s population, approximately four million residents.

In order to maintain the high performance of the PWFP in light of its criticality to the residents, Sydney Water Corporation (SWC) awarded a contract to SUEZ in December 2021, to upgrade important aspects of the plant.

The works contracted by SWC include the implementation of a new sodium hypochlorite dosing system; the increase of the usable capacity of the existing Clearwater tanks (CWTs); and the upgrade of the plant control system. SUEZ plans to complete the work by August 2023.

Mark Lautre, General Manager of Operations at SUEZ, said, “The Prospect Water Filtration Plant has been an integral part of Sydney’s drinking water supply solution since the mid 90’s. These works will enhance the resilience of the Prospect supply system. We’re delighted that SWC has made this important commitment and we look forward to the successful delivery of these upgrades.

The long-standing collaboration with Sydney Water is a strong testament to the successful partnership that leverages SUEZ’s expertise for producing high-quality, safe drinking water that meets energy-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainability goals for the environment.


Media: Stuart Gowans
stuart.gowans@suez.com +61 (0) 408 720350