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Performance Management Committee

The Performance Management Committee consists of the Executive Committee and 19 members (Business Unit managers and some cross-cutting functions). It is responsible for steering operating performance, commercial development, our business expertise and the Group’s corporate culture.

Performance Management Committee

Members of the Performance Management Committe

Executive Committee

Bertrand Camus_SUEZ

Bertrand Camus

Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ
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Jean Marc Boursier_SUEZ

Jean-Marc Boursier

COO and SEVP Group-Northern Europe and IWS Europe
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Christophe Cros_SUEZ

Christophe Cros

SEVP Group-Water Technologies & Solutions, North America
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Marie Ange Debon_SUEZ

Marie-Ange Debon

SEVP Group-France, Italy, Eastern & Central Europe
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Ana Giros Calpe

SEVP Group-International (AMEI/Asia/Australia), Consulting, Indus. Key Accounts
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Angel Simon

SEVP Group-Spain, Latam, Advanced Solutions & Smart Cities
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Jacques Audibert_SUEZ

Jacques Audibert

Secretary General Group
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Isabelle Calvez SUEZ march2018

Isabelle Calvez

Group Chief HR, Communications and Sustainable Development Officer
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Julian Waldron_SUEZ

Julian Waldron

Group Chief Financial Officer
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Head of Business Units and some of transversal functions (in alphabetical order)


Annelise Avril

Chief Executive Officer, Consulting

Manuel Cermeron

Chief Executive Officer, Spain
Steve Clark_SUEZ

Steve Clark

Chief Executive Officer, Asia
Diane Galbe_SUEZ

Diane Galbe

Senior Vice President, Strategy and SUEZ 2030 Plan
Eric Gernath_SUEZ

Eric Gernath

Chief Executive Officer, North America

Eric Ghebali

Senior Vice President, International Development
Azad Kibarian_SUEZ

Azad Kibarian

Chief Executive Officer, IWS Europe

Nadine Leslie

Senior Vice President, Health & Safety Group
Philippe Maillard_SUEZ

Philippe Maillard

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, France
Erick de Muynck_SUEZ

Erik de Muynck

Chief Executive Officer, Recycling & Recovery in Benelux & Germany
David Palmer Jones_SUEZ

David Palmer Jones

Chief Executive Officer, Recycling & Recovery in the UK & Nordic

Pierre Pauliac

Chief Executive Officer, Water & Waste Treatment Infrastructure

Maximilien Pellegrini

Senior Vice President, Water France
Pierre Yves Pouliquen_SUEZ

Pierre-Yves Pouliquen

Chief Executive Officer, AMEI
Fabrice Rossignol_SUEZ

Fabrice Rossignol

Chief Executive Officer, ICEE & CIS
Yuvbir Singh

Yuvbir Singh

Chief Executive Officer, WTS

Hélène Valade

Senior Vice President Sustainable Development Group
Mark Venhoek_SUEZ

Mark Venhoek

Chief Executive Officer, Australia
Loic Voisin_SUEZ

Loïc Voisin

Senior Vice President, Innovation Marketing & Operational Performance Group
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