Giros Calpe Ana

Ana Giros

Group SEVP - APAC* / AMECA* Regions & Industrial Key Accounts

As of January 1st, 2020, Ana Giros is Senior Executive VP Group in charge of the APAC (Asia, Australia and India) and AMECA (Africa, Middle East, Central Asia) Regions and Industrial Key accounts.

Ana Giros is a graduate of INSEAD and the Universidad Politécnica of Barcelona. She held various international positions at Alstom Transport beginning in 1997, before becoming CEO of the Services Division in November 2009 and CEO of Alstom France in May 2014.

She joined SUEZ in October 2015 as CEO of the Latin America Business Unit and Key Industrial Accounts in December 2016.

Since May 2019, she has been Senior Executive VP Group in charge of International and directly Africa, the Middle East, India, Asia, Australia, and Industrial Key accounts. 

APAC: Asia, Australia and India
AMECA: Africa, Middle East, Central Asia