Eric Taupin

Eric Taupin is a graduate of the Sup de Co Reims (Neoma Business School) and holds a DECF finance and accounting qualification.

Having worked for three years at the Accounting and Internal Control department of Groupe PSA, he joined Compagnie Financière de SUEZ in 1988 where he held various positions within the Finance Department.

In 1998, he became the Head of Financial Communication at SITA (the Waste Division of the SUEZ Group), before becoming Head of Financial Control and Director of Financial Services at SITA France.

In 2005, he was responsible for acquisitions at the SUEZ Group, and was appointed Head of the Accounting and Consolidation Department in 2007.

In 2013, he founded the Finance Information Systems Department.

Since 2020, he has been working as Deputy Head of Internal Control at the SUEZ Group.