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2019 Integrated Report: a company for society

Bertrand Camus_SUEZ

The 2018 results confirm this: the Group can lay claim to excellent financial and extra-financial performance. We must now go further still to pursue the aim of a desirable future.

Bertrand Camus-Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ


4 structuring trends in a changing world

  • Climate emergency: Limiting the rise in temperatures to 1.5 °C by the end of the century: a necessity now clearly proven to avoid an overheated world.
  • Demographic challenge: Current projections suggest continuing demographic growth in the coming decades, reaching a global human population of 8.5 billion by 2030 and nearly 10 billion by 2050. This trend, combined with population concentration in cities and increasingly westernised lifestyles, including diet, raises a number of questions.
  • Digital revolution: Built on knowledge and techniques accumulated over centuries, environmental work has undergone a real digital revolution over the last ten years, though this process is still in its early stages.
  • Public expectations: The year 2018 saw mass public activism in favour of the climate, including young people demonstrating against political inaction, in a context also marked by strong social resistance.

An analysis of risks and opportunities

The evolution of demographic and environmental factors is changing the background for SUEZ and its customers, whether public authorities or industrial companies.

These changes require businesses to be agile and responsive.

For SUEZ, this means a robust analysis of the risks and opportunities engendered by these “megatrends”, in alignment with the progress of the UN 2030 agenda.


The SUEZ value creation chain

SUEZ supports the environmental transition of an industrial and municipal market that is now fully aware of resource scarcity. The Group favours the circular economy model and is active throughout the water treatment and waste recovery value chain: from constructing and operating networks and infrastructure for water, waste collection, sorting and recovery to renewable energy generation, new materials and digital services.

4 strategic priorities to reinforce our partner's environmental leadership

Circular economy

As the circular economy becomes increasingly essential as the model for the 21st century, SUEZ is reinforcing its waste recovery solutions and bringing producers and users together within new ecosystems.

Smart solutions

Increasing operational performance and commercial agility: this is the ambition of a fast and far-reaching digital transformation.

Environmental transition

Increased water demand and water stress; cutting greenhouse gas emissions; population growth: SUEZ supports the world’s regions in resolving these complex equations.

Integrated solutions for industry

The ambition of SUEZ in a fast-growing industrial market is to strengthen its position as an environmental backstop.

3 strategy accelerators


On behalf of stakeholders

The SUEZ Group’s contribution to society takes concrete form in a declaration of its financial and extra-financial performance, a tangible expression of the Group’s creation of global shared value.

Helene Valade_SUEZ"The SUEZ Group’s commercial successes in 2018 are based on its capacity to reinforce the environmental leadership of its customers and partners, while digital technology strengthens their performance" Hélène Valade, SUEZ Sustainable Development Director

Exemplarity extra-financial recognition

With the strength of its strategy’s increasingly resolute focus on sustainable development, SUEZ is consolidating its presence on the international ESG indices and seeing its pioneering role rewarded by the UN.

A renewed gouvernance to accelerate the Group's transformation strategy

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