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Climate change is undeniably present, and it directly or indirectly impacts all stakeholders, both public and private, who have to deal with its effects. Cities and regions are not immune to its effects, and their adaptation is crucial.

Faced with a host of challenges, they have to navigate complex regulatory frameworks and adopt sustainable practices while reconciling economic prosperity and decarbonization. The expertise of our teams supports territories and organizations in defining global and comprehensive strategies for sustainable and resilient development.

At territories level, it is essential to rethink our urban development models to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability. 

How? By promoting environmentally-friendly practices and infrastructures, developing renewable energies, preserving and reintegrating biodiversity, while limiting our carbon footprint as much as possible.

At communities level, we need to reintegrate nature and make living spaces more sustainable, inclusive and resilient. 

How? By integrating soft mobility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, promoting resources optimization, developing local services and strengthening social cohesion.

At an organizational level, the challenges of sustainable development and ecological transition must be integrated into strategies, governance and decision-making processes. From implementing eco-responsible practices such as the reduction of resource consumption to responsibly managing all flows, including wastewater, waste, and the use of sustainable materials, there are numerous actions that can be taken.

SUEZ Consulting
A strategic vision of adaptation towards a low-carbon economy is now crucial in all decision-making. Rethinking our urban models, promoting practices that respect the environment... this is the approach we are concretely deploying alongside our customers, to define low-carbon adaptation and development strategies that reconcile economic growth with the challenges of today's world.”
Fatma Daou , Director of Sustainable Development and Consulting for Transitions, SUEZ Consulting Engineering

Our expertise

Shaping climate, air and energy strategies 

Low-carbon development roadmaps for regions and organization

With local authorities and industrial partners, we collaboratively develop their climate, air, and energy strategies and roadmaps through four major stages:

  1. Climate, air and energy diagnostics to identify the main issues to be addressed: GHG emissions balance, analysis of renewable energy potential, identification of vulnerabilities to climate change, life cycle analyses, etc.
  2. Drawing up a reduction strategy
  3. Definition of a customized action plan. SUEZ teams support the implementation of such plans, providing expertise in key areas such as diagnostics and recovery of waste heat and industrial energy systems, optimization of the supply chain, deployment of mobility plans, development of training and awareness programs for stakeholders, etc.
  4. Activation of green finance tools for funding actions: operations and financial tools to promote the ecological transition and combat climate change. Specific expertise dedicated to carbon credit certification, eligibility studies and impact assessments of regulatory mechanisms for carbon taxation and finance, etc.

Some references:
  • Support for the revision of the Est-Ensemble PCAETv
  • Project management and consultancy for the CNES low-carbon & energy strategy 
  • Pluriannual Energy Programming for Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin

Together, achieving your low-carbon transition


Tailor-made strategies for resilient urban projects

The multidisciplinary consulting and project management assistance teams specialize in sustainable development and environmental issues for urban development projects, as well as cities and regions, in France and abroad. Backed by relevant technical and relational expertise, they have a perfect grasp of the complexity of public policy and place users at the heart of their approach by working on:
  • Integrated urban strategy studies on new developments,
  • Renaturation for local authorities or promoters,
  • Support for innovative projects, such as the creation of "cool islands" and the reuse of water at the urban or building scale,
  • Developing new financing tools for ecological transition projects,
  • Driving urban nature restoration projects,
  • Support for the development of tools created by EFFICACITY, such as urbanprint, PowerDIS, VDI label, etc,
  • Carrying out complex strategic studies on the potential of renewable energies to guide decision-making and energy choices in urban project

At building scale, we also provide support to local authorities and private project owners regarding the tertiary decree, including declaration, the achievement of objectives, the construction of strategic master plans, and the optimization of energy consumption (audit, action plan, energy management).

Some references:

  • Developing a local label for financing the ecological transition

How can we enable a dense urban area to develop while fully integrating the challenges of the ecological transition?  
Supporting the ecological transition of a dense city, obtaining additional funding to accelerate adaptation projects, redeveloping cities in a sustainable way while limiting the environmental impact... These are just some of the challenges that our teams have taken up for the city of Paris.


  • Redesigning the approach to Miramas to protect against heat islands

How can we combat urban heat waves? What solutions can be found to make the use of the boulevard for soft mobility more comfortable? How can cities be redeveloped in a sustainable way, while limiting their environmental impact? 

A challenge taken up by our teams in the city of Miramas, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region in France .

Together, designing tomorrow's resilient and sustainable city

To tackle climate change, biodiversity loss and the growing scarcity of natural resources, we are helping towns and cities become more sustainable and enhance their inhabitants' well-being through more sustainable, more resilient, safe and inclusive projects.

Redesigning the approach to Miramas to protect against heat islands

How can we protect against urban heatwaves? How can we turn a boulevard into a pleasant setting for soft mobility solutions? How can we redesign towns and cities sustainably, by reducing their environmental impact? Our teams took up the challenge in Miramas, a town in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of southern France.

Promoting soft mobility for low-carbon regions

With an approach that combines expertise in energy and climate, environment, air quality, the intelligent city, urban planning and mobility, our teams consider all aspects of urban life with a global vision of the city and the region. After studying the needs and habits of the citizens who commute daily through these spaces, dedicated solutions are envisioned and proposed. 

The main objective is to develop sustainable urban mobility, at the heart of more pleasant and livable cities and regions.

Numerous missions to give life to your projects:

  • Definition of transportation service strategies at different scales: at the level of the city as a whole, a specific district or a particular urban development. These strategies combine mobility needs, local constraints, and sustainability objectives.
  • Designing public transportation solutions: route planning, optimizing schedules and designing appropriate infrastructure, etc.
  • Development of intermodality to facilitate travel and improve the fluidity of journeys: public transportation, bicycles, car-sharing, etc.
  • Integrating new forms of mobility into the urban landscape, such as car-sharing services, self-service electric vehicles, micro-mobility solutions, etc. 
  • Anticipating the impact of technological innovations, including advances in autonomous vehicles, intelligent traffic management systems and data-driven mobility applications.

Some references

Inventing new forms of mobility in Bordeaux 

As part of the development of public transport services in its area, Bordeaux Métropole wanted to study the opportunity and feasibility of various urban cable car links across the Garonne. 

SUEZ Consulting and its partners were commissioned by the Metropole to carry out an initial study to identify possible routes, followed by a second study to optimize these routes and examine their feasibility.

Anticipating the effects of climate change to better prepare territories

Urban resilience is crucial in addressing the impacts of climate change. With our extensive experience and longstanding collaboration with major international funding agencies, we are well-equipped to support cities in developing countries building resilience. Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the World Bank (WB), the European Union (EU), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the African Development Bank (AfDB), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and others - our teams are ready to help you tackle these challenges.

Yet climate change-related issues are not confined by borders. Climate vulnerability and the scarcity of resources, particularly water resources is a global concern impacting countries around the world, including France. 

Some references:

Facilitating the preparation of urban climate change projects for local authorities in sub-Saharan Africa

Financed by AFD - Agence Française de Développement, SECO Coopération et Développement Economiques and the European Union, the CICLIA (Cities and Climate in Sub-Saharan Africa) facility supports cities in Sub-Saharan Africa in preparing low-carbon and resilient urban projects through sectoral plans, design studies and technical assistance.

Climate change adaptation strategies developed within the framework of the Adapt'Action facility

Set up by AFD - Agence Française de Développement, Adapt'Action supports partner countries in drawing up & implementing their adaptation strategies and deploying resilient development trajectories 
  • Provide technical assistance and capacity building activities to consolidate climate governance in partner countries
  • Better integrate adaptation to climate change into public policies
  • Promoting the emergence of structuring adaptation projects
In France

Our teams have been commissioned by the Syndicat Mixte du Bassin Versant de l'Agly to carry out a prospective study on climate and water use in the Pyrénées-Orientales and its 5 sub-catchment areas.


The aim is to define a long-term adaptation strategy, looking ahead to 2070, to preserve our territory, our resources and our uses.


Discover more

Digital solutions dedicated to your projects

Digital and connected technologies are at the heart of cities and regions. 

A dedicated team brings this expertise to all our projects, offering tailor-made digital technologies. After determining your commercial and business needs in terms of technologies, our experts design and develop solutions to meet them, and then ensure their ongoing maintenance.


Some references:

  1. Design & Development of the CarboneDeck software suite.
    The first measurement service for reducing CO2 emissions.
      Get an accurate picture of emissions in your area,
      Identify the events causing emission peaks,
    •  Define your emission reduction strategies.
       Know more

  2. NetScan®, an innovative asset management offering based on a collaborative web platform that enables cities and water utilities to maximise the benefits of pipe investment plans. Netscan uses advanced, predictive modelling to assess the structural degradation of underground pipes, enabling better prioritisation of pipe renewal

Netscan, an innovative solution to optimize pipe renewal plans - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

3. OCTET, a dedicated research tool for analysing mobility in the area, using an innovative methodology for modelling energy consumption (STARTER).  An innovative tool developed for the "Est-Ensemble" project

Meet our experts! 🎬 

Meet Thibault, project engineer specialized in low carbon development strategies, Transitions & Sustainable Development Consulting Division 

His mission?
➡ Measuring greenhouse gas emissions by carrying out carbon assessments
➡ Supporting companies and local authorities in setting up trajectories to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Meet Our Experts : Thibault,project engineer specialized in low carbon development strategies - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Meet Estelle, Project Manager for adaptation to climate change and sustainable development. Transitions & Sustainable Development Consulting Division
Supporting various public and private entities in France and abroad in addressing the impacts of climate change and developing adaptation strategies, particularly in relation to the Paris Climate Agreement, adopted in 2015 by the United Nations... In Brazil or on the African continent, travel the world with Estelle to carry out climate projects! 

Meet Our Experts : Estelle, Project Manager for adaptation to climate change - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Meet Georgina, Project Manager specialized in Sustainable Development, Transitions & Sustainable Development Consulting Division, who explains how...
  • Integrating biodiversity into urban development
  • Meet the biodiversity challenges of projects with solutions developed by our teams
  • Deploying solutions at the heart of projects: examples of 3 urban wastelands that benefit from them
Integrating nature-based solutions into our projects and how to combat the effects of climate change 🌳

Meet Our Experts : Project Manager specialized in Sustainable Development - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group