Managing your water and energy consumption

How should you be managing the reduction of water and energy consumption in your property assets? How can you identify which buildings use the most energy, determine what savings you can make, and define an appropriate action plan? How can you improve the operational efficiency and management of your sites? How can you monitor your ongoing actions and measure their results?

Bearing in mind that the French Décret Tertiaire decree regarding tertiary buildings imposes a gradual reduction in energy consumption with a target of 60% reduction by 2050 (cf. 2010), and that water leakage accounts for a loss of around 20% of all water produced, standardised and effective analysis of consumption is an essential prerequisite when implementing action plans. Manual data collection does not allow to draw such analysis and the decree recommends using a consumption monitoring platform.

A digital solution to reduce the environmental impact of your buildings

ON’connect™ fluids provides a standardised overview of indicators for all types of building – offices, shops, sports facilities, housing, etc. – to ensure that managers have all the information they need to define an action plan using all the different data: water, gas, and electricity consumption volumes; property asset information; weather forecasts; building occupancy rates; surface area etc.
By collecting data regarding multi-fluid water and energy consumption in an automatic, continuous, and reliable manner, the ON’connect™ fluids platform provides a centralised and continuous overview of the data. It ensures quicker response in terms of detecting abnormalities, particularly water leakage, and implementing corrective action, with the added benefit of analysing the action’s impact on the buildings’ energy efficiency.

Optimise the environmental performance of your property portfolio with ON'connect™ fluids.

Credit: SUEZ group

Your advantages

  • Analyse your water and energy consumption across your entire property portfolio
  • Manage your multi-fluid budget for water, gas, electricity, etc.
  • Adopt an effective environmental strategy
  • Measure the results of your actions
  • Reduce your buildings’ carbon footprint
  • Meet applicable regulations
  • Be accountable for your environmental commitments

Our customised solution

ON’connect™ fluids is a modular solution to monitor water and energy consumption. The platform provided can be adapted to meet specific requirements by adding different options, such as the supply and implementation of a communications network, or the support of an Energy Manager throughout your project.

Implementation of ON’connect™ fluids takes place in four stages:

  • Needs analysis: identification of existing equipment (objects and communications networks), analysis of building features, the definition of reporting requirements, choice of indicators and alerts, etc.
  • Installation of extra equipment (if chosen as an option): smart meters or sub-meters, environmental sensors, IoT communications network.
  • Settings: data collection, building-specific set-up, the definition of dashboards, multi-user access rights, etc.
  • User training to ensure fast adaptation to the digital tool and mobile app.


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