Smart Metrology Services: guarantee the quality and reliability of your metrology data

Smart Metrology Services is an expert service dedicated to metrology data quality. The quality and reliability of data are essential to the achievement of operational objectives of operators. Thanks to the continuous and automatic analysis of your data and intelligent algorithms, the solution allows you to detect sensor drifts or computer anomalies. As a real decision-making aid, the tool also characterizes suspected malfunctions and proposes maintenance actions.
  • Monitoring and predictive tracking of sensitive sensors
  • Monitoring and analysis of priority operating data to provide a reliability rating of measurements based on a number of predefined indicators / algorithms.
  • Individual monitoring, or of a specific group of sensors, of your network.
  • Analysis over a configurable number of sliding days to detect drift or measurement defects
  • Cross-referencing of information from different sensors for a global analysis

Increased operational performance

  • Control of intervention costs thanks to dynamic classification and targeting of critical actions: intervene at the right place and at the right time, and avoid unqualified or unnecessary interventions
  • Operation of smart Garanti tools with qualified and functional data
  • Saves time for data analysis

Compliance with contracts and regulations

  • Compliance with the regulatory constraints of the various trades (sanitation: compliance with regulatory requirements with the permanent diagnosis, drinking water: quality and optimization)
  • Perpetuate subsidies (depending on the community's issues)
  • Limit fines and penalties

Health and safety

  • Contribution to the health and safety of agents thanks to the targeting and reduction of the number of field interventions