ARMELE: the intelligent, standardized control cabinet for optimized remote control of pumping stations

Armele is an intelligent and standardized electrical cabinet that allows you to monitor and maintain all your pumping stations remotely. Designed to control pumping stations with 1 to 3 pumps (from 1.5 to 15 kw), it is compatible with all types of pumps using a frequency converter. For fast and consequent gains, this solution makes it possible to solve the most frequent problems, such as the repeated clogging of pumps, the fast accumulation of floating debris and sediments in the stations...

Armele is equipped with a PLC to optimize the local control and also allows a remote control / monitoring

  • De-sludging function : Direct and reverse rotation of the pumps
  • Drainage function: Periodic total emptying
  • Anti-grease function: Variation of the tidal thresholds to avoid the formation of a grease ring
  • Data visualization on site or from a control center
  • Measurement and transmission of hydraulic and electrical process data (levels, faults, calculated flow rates, pump intensity, etc.)
  • Automatic degraded mode (in case of PLC failure)
  • Alarms and threshold settings locally or from a control center (start/stop, cleaning threshold, time...)
  • Flow calculation to meet self-monitoring or permanent diagnostic requirements

ARMELE, the smart cabinet for wastewater treatment - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

  • Thanks to its advanced functionalities and remote control, it limits the need for emergency interventions by agents in the field
  • It solves frequent problems (clogging, debris accumulation...) and avoids critical mechanical incidents
  • The equipment's lifespan is improved