Maximise the rate of recovered materials

Automated sorting centres use optical sorting machines to extend their collection catchment areas and are increasingly efficient in their recovery performance. They are becoming eco-clusters where sorting, processing, recycling and recovery all take place in the same location.

New sorting technologies

We constantly improve sorting techniques, with automated detection of the type of waste and its constituents. 

Our sorting processes make use of the latest, most effective technologies on the market according to the waste fraction:

  • Optical separators equipped with high-definition scanners,
  • Mechanical biological treatment to separate and prepare recoverable materials,
  • Trommels and ballistic screens to separate mixed waste,
  • Sorting robots,
  • Automatic control

This high-technology sorting can increase the productivity and performance of sorting channels. In certain new-generation sorting centres, 90% of incoming waste is recovered. It is also becoming possible to produce high-quality secondary raw materials to meet the specifications of industrial clients.