Maximise the quantity of materials sorted by the citizens

We are active as far upstream as possible to encourage, inform and facilitate the adoption of more effective sorting habits by your residents.

Facilitate and inform about sorting

After analysing your situation (type of waste and stream), we deliver advice on the solutions to deploy for optimal waste sorting.

  • Installation of conditioning equipment and containers suited to the nature and volumes of the recoverable waste.
  • Simplification of access to collection by installing collection bins near inhabitants.
  • Development of suitable signage 


We also develop informative e-services configured to the local authority's needs to provide information about sorting instructions, waste deposit points according to their type, etc. and deliver informative campaigns on selective sorting.

Reward for sorting

We support local authorities in implementing tried and tested incentive schemes:

Incentive Pricing
This involves the introduction of a variable part in user bills according to the weight or volume of household waste produced and sorted.

We support authorities end to end in their projects:

  • Preliminary studies
  • Design, development and deployment of scheme
  • Supply of suitable equipment (chipped bins for kerbside collection, bring systems with access badges)
  • Invoicing 

Plastic bottles for vouchers

We install fully automated kiosks, called RECO, which collect plastic bottles and containers and prepare their recycling. Users are rewarded for bringing their waste with discount vouchers offered by the partner supermarket chains which host the collection kiosks in or around their outlets.