Technical consultancy

At SUEZ, we provide tailored advice, guidance and support, acting as consultants at every stage. With independent results from a UKAS-accredited laboratory that make problem-solving seamless.

Sampling, analysis and advice from a UKAS accredited laboratory

Our team of analytical chemists, microbiologists and consultants offer a vast range of services across the water industry.



  • Carry out routine monitoring to catch potential problems early
  • Conduct surveys and audits to identify defects and liabilities
  • Control legionellosis in domestic water services, cooling systems and spas
  • Perform risk assessment and management in compliance with current guidance and legislation (UK legislation and EC directives)


  • Carry out sampling and laboratory analysis, for both routine surveillance and potential outbreaks
  • Supply contract management support
  • Deliver City and Guild-accredited training programmes on water issues


  • Treatment of chemical or bacteriological contamination of water
  • Identify the source of floods
  • Act on clients’ behalf as expert witnesses in legal cases relating to water quality, pipework installations or water services


  • Advise on the commissioning of new water systems and services
  • Advise on the design and operation of swimming pools, spa filtration and water treatment plants
  • Advise on the treatment of closed water systems (in heating and process cooling systems)

Why choose us?

  • Independent specialists offering a wide range of services
  • Act as consultants at every stage, from design to ongoing operation
  • Extensive experience and knowledge with a large client base
  • Accurate and independent results and interpretation from a UKAS-accredited laboratory