Acting for the climate and air quality on industrial sites

SUEZ provides its industrial customers with tested solutions which allow them to take effective action on air quality and to manage and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
A comprehensive service offer

Tested solutions for greater outside air quality and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Our comprehensive range of offers allows us to provide support that is efficient and adapted to the specificities of each activity so as to provide a solution for air pollution, odours and greenhouse gas emissions.
We operate on traditional industrial sites (chemical, petrochemical, paper, etc.), waste management sites, wastewater sites, or for the agricultural sector. Our expertise spans the entire value chain: from the initial audit to smart prediction and optimisation systems, including treatment solutions and real-time monitoring.

Conduct a methodical diagnosis for accurate pollution mapping

Our AirAdvanced®-Explore 360 solution offers an air quality audit of a site in order to more specifically target sensitive points and recommend an adapted action plan.

The positioning of high-tech micro-sensors on strategic points of the site allows to qualify and quantify pollutants and odours, and to define targeted action plans for improvement.
Measure and monitor

Detect and track atmospheric pollutants, odours and greenhouse gas emissions in real time

Airadvanced®-Vision360 allows industrial manufacturers to accurately monitor air quality in real time in terms of pollution and odours. The tool allows you to simulate and assess the impact of the possible actions, to prioritise them and to set up a more well-suited action plan.

Track greenhouse gas emissions on industrial sites

Applicable to all industrial sectors, our range of AirAdvanced-Scan360® solutions can precisely locate and quantify a site’s greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, CH4, N2O).
While traditional methodologies are based on theoretical models that do not allow for accurate knowledge of locally-produced emissions, our solution provides site managers with real emission data, necessary for their annual declarations, for monitoring their greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, and for defining and assessing the corrective measures to be implemented.
Reduce & eliminate

Reduce and eliminate emissions

Depending on the sites and the pollutants measured, SUEZ offers modular treatment solutions that are compatible with different technologies: particularly effective filtration systems for fine particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), biological treatment based on micro-algae to capture CO2 and NO2. Treatment performance is monitored in real time.

Capture and recover CO₂ thanks to micro-algae

Faced with the challenges of the energy transition, recovering biogas in the form of biomethane represents a green energy solution for domestic use, i.e. injection into the gas network or distribution as bioNGV, a low-carbon fuel for mobility.

The conversion of biogas into biomethane is a green energy solution for domestic use: injection into the gas network or distribution as bioNGV, a low-carbon fuel for mobility. As an investor and strategic partner, we are currently taking part in the development of the biomethane sector in order to offer innovative solutions for the recovery of biogas from organic waste or sewage sludge.

Capture CO₂ and produce bioproducts using micro-algae

SUEZ and FERMENTALG created CarbonWorks, a company that specialises in the capture and bioconversion of CO2 (Carbon Capture and Utilization or CCU) through micro-algal photosynthesis. CarbonWorks develops solutions that will ultimately be able to capture several thousand tons of CO2 at the source of emissions, and produce equivalent quantities of algal biomass intended primarily for the agricultural biocontrol and human and animal nutrition markets.

Capture fine particles in semi-confined spaces

Directly installed in semi-confined spaces and adapted to areas polluted with fine particles, our AirAdvanced-HypR® solution uses an electrostatic filtration technology. A weak electric current is injected into the fine particles (PM 10 and PM 2.5), which are then attracted to collector panels that work like magnets. It is capable of treating almost 7,500 m3 of air per hour, while consuming negligible quantities of energy.

Capture fine particles in the most sensitive areas

Our AirAdvanced-InspiR® solution absorbs the fine particles, nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds present in the atmosphere in order to create “pure air bubbles” in the most sensitive areas such as in school playgrounds. Our innovation combines leading-edge technologies with micro-algae grown in a water column which, through photosynthesis, capture CO2 and other forms of atmospheric pollution Its modular nature allows it adapt to all types of environments and is therefore perfectly suited for industrial sites.

Treat odours emitted by industrial sites

Our Air-Advanced®-Biofiltres solution filters and treats atmospheric odours emitted by wastewater treatment plants, sewage sludge or waste recovery plants, and all types of industrial sites. Close to 95% of harmful odours can be treated. This solution is currently used by more than 30 plants across Europe and treats more than 6 million Nm3 of air per hour.
Our other solution, Air-Advanced®-Actilayer, is a photocatalytic layer that captures and treats odours emitted by factories, as well as a wide range of airborne pollutants. The latter are captured and destroyed thanks to the combination of activated carbon and free radicals produced naturally by the sun’s UV rays.
Restore & Adapt

Sequester CO₂ in agricultural soils

The conversion of forest waste (which is barely or poorly exploited) into biochar makes it possible to extend the “carbon sink” effect of natural plant photosynthesis, which captures a quarter of the world’s CO2 emissions each year. In its torrefied form and when used on cultivated soils, the carbon that is captured contributes to the proper functioning of urban and agricultural soils (water and fertiliser retention, ion exchange capacity, reversing soil impoverishment, etc.).

The properties of biochar, in terms of carbon capture, fertilisation of agricultural soils or optimisation of water supply to crops, currently make it one of the most sought-after CO2 sequestration solutions on the market. Thanks to our partnership with Airex Energy, we offer our customers biochar with high technical and environmental added value and which is produced from unexploited biomass residues (bark, sawdust, unusable wood, etc.).

Biochar is a certified Carbon Capture Utilisation and Sequestration solution which provides access to quality carbon credits while helping the agricultural sector to restore soil quality and build resilience through responsible farming practices.


Finance your greenhouse gas reduction or storage projects with carbon credits

Our teams help you generate carbon credits to contribute financially to the greenhouse gas reduction or storage solutions that we offer (consulting/engineering services for the preparation of the documents required to validate and obtain carbon credits/certification).

Purchase carbon credits to offset your residual emissions

Our teams assist companies that are looking to offset their residual emissions by contributing to the financing of greenhouse gas storage or third-party emission reduction projects (purchase of carbon credits as in Meknès in Morocco for example). The financed projects include solutions offered by SUEZ as well as external partners, both in France and abroad. Our selection of projects guarantees you a varied, high-quality and competitive range of carbon credits. We want also to develop local carbon offset funds with local authorities to bring together industrial players and low-carbon project developers in order to generate new financing channels.

Benefit from a Prime Energie Carbone (Carbon Energy Premium) for your projects (ESC)

We help manufacturers identify energy efficiency projects that are eligible for Energy Saving Certificates (heat recovery from processes, variable-speed drives, equipment renovation, etc.). We can estimate your premium and handle the entire process for obtaining it.

For more information

Reducing your carbon footprint and improving air quality of waste and water treatment facilities

On the strength of our expertise in the management of waste and water treatment facilities, our extensive know-how allows us to respond to the specific issues of these sites (e.g. odours, energy optimisation of sites and green energy production).

From diagnosis, monitoring and treatment to the implementation of action plans and process optimisation, our teams will be able to offer you solutions that are adapted to the issues of your industrial site.