Improve your local living environment

Our strategic consulting service and preliminary studies help you implement your regional projects. We also create solutions to reduce vulnerability to risk in cities and regions and to make coastal areas and ports more attractive.

Adopting a strategic and environmental approach to regional development

Our strategic consulting service and preliminary studies help you implement your regional projects using a sustainable development approach:

  • Providing high-quality blueprint design for drinking water, sewerage and stormwater systems
  • Designing efficient urban transport and regional climate-air-energy plans that comply with all applicable regulations
  • Carrying out comprehensive river basin and feasibility studies
  • Developing efficient sustainable development strategies
  • Adopting an Environmental Approach to Urbanism (AEU) in your local authority
  • Improving conservation of natural habitats, species and bodies of water by implementing green and blue infrastructures

Reducing vulnerability to risk in cities and regions 

We create solutions to ensure the efficiency of all your structures and, by designing and building your facilities ourselves, limit their risks:

  • advanced modelling systems (Aquadvanced®)
  • refurbishing and reinforcing existing structures building extra facilities (hydraulic structures, coastal and port development, storm water tanks, pumping stations etc.)
  • developing alternative operating techniques (industrial water processing, sludge treatment and recovery, reusing wastewater).

Our solutions enable you to assess how well your facilities are performing, reorganise them and equip them with innovative technology to improve urban resilience:

  • Anticipate periods of rain and limit their economic impact
  • Reduce pollution and risks of flooding
  • Prevent emergency situations and reduce response times in the case of storms
  • Ensure protection of people and goods
  • Protect resources and encourage biodiversity

Making coastal areas and ports more attractive

SUEZ offers expertise in designing and implementing your marine and coastal projects, and provides innovative technology to supply information in real time.


Our solutions optimise how your structures are designed and operated:

  • Marinas: jetties, breakwaters, technical areas and organised anchoring networks, dredging etc.
  • Trading ports: quays, equipment, mooring dolphins and berths, inner harbours etc.
  • Dikes and protection: rock supports, artificial blocks, swell-breakers etc.
  • Pipes: outfalls, water outlets

Using the marine and coastal risk prevention system in Actimar’s operational oceanography solution,
you can also

  • Forecast sea conditions, bathing water quality, slick and floating object drift
  • Optimise marine and coastal work
  • Map coastal habitats using remote sensing

Responding to the innovative actions of the sustainable city and regions

The high standard of SUEZ applied research, enriched with digital technology, enables us to offer you solutions specifically designed to meet the innovative actions of the sustainable city and regions:

  • Assessing the condition of your infrastructure and prioritising renovations thanks to predictive modelling
  • Optimising existing facilities using advanced systems and calibrating the savings provided by smart management of drinking water networks
  • Providing advanced systems for stormwater management that forecast and anticipate flooding
  • Developing operational oceanography with modelling systems that are calibrated using data collected in real time

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