Optimize costs and the management of water and waste to increase efficiency and performance levels

Our solutions help you convert water and waste into new materials, manage the water and waste cycles preservation.

Increase resource performance

We help you increase resource performance through a wide range of water and waste recycling and reuse methods, as well as enhancing crude oil processing flexibility. 


Enhance crude oil processing flexibility

  • Measure crude oil & blend compatibility
  • Predict processing issues and fouling tendency
  • Determine impacts to crude unit and downstream unit operations
  • Develop proactive strategies to avoid short-and-long-term negative effects
  • Desalter treatment chemical and application technologies
  • A different approach to address fouling by addressing root cause mechanisms
  • An advanced approach to corrosion detection and control
  • On-site, rapid measurement of crude quality and characteristics
  • On-stream measurements and control strategies

Full scope of outsourced water and process services for optimum and asset preservation

  • Mobile units leasing
  • Outsourcing of (shared) treatment facilities and supply of utilities
  • Performance-based contracts
  • Implementation of energy efficient water and waste facilities
  • InSight - remote monitoring services
  • Expert services performance assessment and management
  • Preventive maintenance programs and services
  • Specialty chemicals for asset preservation (corrosion inhibitors, antifoulants, etc.)

Maximize efficiency with services for energy transition 

  • Energy from waste (steam, electricity, biofuels, biogas)
  • Organic sludge & compost commercialization
  • Carbonate sludge commercialization
  • Energy management guidance
  • Successfully process and expanded crude diet
  • Crude oil and mineral oil recovery and recycling
  • Plastics to plastics recycling and plastics to fuels conversion
  • Fouling control programs to maximize energy recovery

Increase operational flexibility turning variability into advantage

  • Detect crude oil quality changes, predict impacts to operations, and assure mitigation strategies are in place to avoid short and long-term issues
  • Chemical treatment solutions to maintain equipment cleanliness, performance and avoid fouling/scaling
  • Corrosion prevention, detection, and mitigation strategies through combined chemistry, monitoring, and advanced control solutions
  • System performance optimization consultation
  • Options to maintain finished product specifications while increasing yield of high-value products.
  • Specialty chemical treatment programs for process, water, and waste systems
  • Onstream sensors to increase frequency and quality of system performance measurements
  • On-line monitoring and control systems to improve performance in the face of operating variability
  • Expert services to identify areas of operational optimization and predict performance of planned and unplanned changes

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