Digital technology for the environment

Digital technology provides astounding possibilities for meeting the environmental challenges & asset protection the industries face. SUEZ constantly innovates to support our customers and boost the performance of their facilities, by putting data to work to prevent unplanned downtime, extend asset life and reliability, maximize productivity, and meet regulations.
Asset Performance Management

Leveraging data and analytics to maximize productivity

The Internet of Things, or IOT, is a rapidly evolving area that brings together people, machines, and data to enable industrial assets to perform at elevated output, efficiency, and reliability levels. IOT-based Asset Performance Management (APM) tools are designed specifically to improve the life of critical assets while reducing ongoing operating costs.

InSight™, our cloud-based APM solution, uses data and analytics to help ensure water treatment assets operate at optimal performance. InSight connects key plant assets - like tanks, boilers, cooling towers, and more - into a single digital environment that can be accessed by operators anywhere in the world, at any time.

By aggregating and analyzing the thousands of complex data points from throughout an operation, InSight provides users with greater visibility and transparency at a plant level, or across the entire enterprise.

Water treatment assets

Improving operations of water treatment assets

OnBoard® is a comprehensive service program tailored to address the overall performance of water treatment assets such as an SRU or Low Salinity System by leveraging digital tools, operator training, equipment technology, chemicals, and offshore service support.

ModuleTrac, an InSight-enabled mobile application, scans and tracks data from ZeeWeed membranes, including location, repair and maintenance history, to simplify lifecycle management and extend asset life.
Chemical Monitoring Systems

Optimizing chemical consumption and productivity while meeting regulations 

Our real-time chemical monitoring systems allow you to optimize chemical consumption and productivity while meeting regulations essential to efficient plant operations. 

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